I'm thinking of a Bottlehead 2A3 kit.

Has anyone built the "Paramour" 2A3 tube amp kit from bottlehaed.com? I'm thinking of getting it. Yes, I know it only comes with the Chinese 2A3's, but I could maybe get better 2A3's later. As for the low power output, I plan on either buying or building (or both) speakers of high efficiency in the future (already have some 91 dB, as well as some PA ones I built a decade ago, besides small Maggies and "monitors"). And considering I have two other very satisfying amps already, I'm not buying a 2A3 amp because I want to blow the windows out of the neighbor's house a quarter mile away........What I want to know is, is there any possibility that this amp kit is "really bad", "won't work", comes without instructions or full parts compliment, etc?..................And yes, I know many of you like Dynaco amps, but I already have a Rogue 88 that's terrific, and since this Paramour kit is so cheap, I do really want to build it. Should I? The picture looks very nice to me...
Please, somebody go ask if there's anybody out there, that knows somebody, that might have heard of someone who has heard of someone else, who might have possibly built one of these amps. Thanks much.....Carl
I have built their B-glows, but not Paramour. When you order, they will tell you what you will need to built the kits. The kit basically come with all the parts except wires. I would guess all you need are tools and solders. But call they to be sure. By the way, B-glow is very easy to built for a complete beginner like me. Paramour is probably easier.
Doesn't BottleHead have it's own website with a discussion forum? You might want to try audioasylum.com, they have a very active DIY thread.
Carl, check on www.audioelectronicsupply.com for some great "kit's". Reasonable priced too!
I heard the SV-811 SET amp from Audio Electronic Supply. It was a great amp(actually monoblocks), astounding for the price. 12 wpc. Closest to its parent company's(Cary) 572 SE amps. There is a new version of this product, using the 845 tube. Looks identical, other than the larger tubes. I believe it puts out about 30 watts. I would expect it to sound great, and be better able to drive real world speakers. Never heard the Bottleheads, but have seen them on their website.
hey, Tm12 - really productive comment. tm12, re: my experiences w/*other* tube preamps compared to the rogue 99 - ewe can email me off this forum for a preliminary update. i tried to locate ewe thru the member search - seems yer not a member? hmmm... (sorry, others, for the spam) doug
Bottlehead has a very active owner's forum. Link is on their website. From what I've heard (with some personal experience), their customer service is excellent and they will bend over backwards to help you out.
Trelja: I was interested in the least costly 2A3 amp kit, and I believe the Paramour is it. George: I hope so, I can't wait to find out.
2A3 amps are my favorite at this time. Not the best overall in all situations, but my favorite. How much are the Bottleheads going for? I found a guy who seems to make FABULOUS 2A3 monoblocks(and the MOST beautiful amps, too) for $1250, assembled. I haven't heard them, but love every 2A3 I have come across. I will probably jump on them when I move. Good Luck with the project Carl!!!