Speakers for Bryston pre/power amp

I'm looking for 8ohm "easy to drive" speakers for recent Bryston order 135w amp+pre.
Currently have(put up for sale)PSB Synchrony one's but had problems with inexplicible loss of power & dynamics somewhere in my setup.
Just sold M6i integrated expecting better performace w/separates.
Considering Joseph Audio 25's or B&W 804D
Anyone have good results with Bryston & efficient speakers?
Deep bass+neutral performance.
Source:sony xa5400es(unable to locate Bryston BCD-1 used)+rega TT w/dynavector.
Have you considered the Bryston speakers? I have not heard them, but I would think they would be a good match with their electronics.
So, you sold a 200wpc integrated and swapped to 135wpc separates to get better power and dynamics? What made you choose the Bryston separates? What speakers did you have in your system before the PSBs? Not sure "easy to drive" speakers are going to be your cure. What makes you think that's the case? It could've been any number of things. Seems to me the M6i should have had plenty to drive the Synchrony Ones. I think you should slow down a bit and think through what's going on rather than just swapping out equipment without a clear plan.

That said, I don't think the 804Ds are a good choice. B&Ws are known to appreciate power to open up and sound their best, and I've found the 804s to be pretty light in the bass relatively speaking. I do like your RM25 although I have no idea how they'll pair with your Bryston gear.

You might also consider PMC OB1i speakers. I've seen people very happy driving them with a Bryston B100 that I think has a similar amp section to the one you bought. PMC and Bryston are often said to work well together, and the OB1is should have plenty of dynamics and relatively deep bass with their dome midrange and transmission line design. I also think their somewhat polite nature will mate well with the Brystons that can sometimes sound a little etched or forward with less-forgiving tweets (that would be a concern of mine with the JM Labs/Focal recommendation above and possibly GamuT as well).

I noticed there are both RM25s and OB1is for sale here, which is kinda rare so maybe this is your lucky day.

Something still seems amiss here but tough to comment without more info. Maybe others have some further thoughts. Best of luck.
I'm looking for speakers 3-5K range
JM Labs focal are in the hundreds
Prefer better speakers
I chose Bryston for quality not built in China plus neutral/uncolored performance.
I have heard Bryston with PMC and they had very good synergy. Actually PMC sells packages with customized Bryston equipment. They call them 'active systems
'. Also I believe PMC are quite sensitive.
Just realized I wrote it in lowercase by mistake. PMC - Professional Monitor Company. It is a speakers manufacturer.
From your original post it sounds for all the world that you had a problem with the Synchrony Ones and the M6i and that you're selling both. Then you ask if you should consider the 804Ds after you've apparently already owned 804s with a Creek amp and that seem to have been the source of the whole problem in the first place. Where did THAT come from??? That probably would've been good info to share upfront no? How do the PSBs and M6i even fit into this whole thing? Who is PMC? Seriously? Do you have a browser? Dude, you're a complete mess. I'm outta here.
after you've apparently already owned 804s with a Creek "amp and that seem to have been the source of the whole problem in the first place"

I never said anything about that being problem in first place!
I was asked what prior system I owned-
It was a decent set up but bass lacked weight.
The Creek amp was 50watts & the B&W 804D is much better than N.