Speakers for creek 4330

What are some good speakers to match the creek 4330? How much should I spend to great sound used. They have to be fairly small. Thanks for the help!
I would suggest you to get Triangle Zephyr $800 new floor-standers 3'H,3/4'W,1'D 91dB efficient and good for another amplifier upgrade
I would suggest a pair of Alon Petites. You could probably find them used for about $500. I am using a pair with a Creek 4240SE and it's pretty gosh darn good, by cracky.

Atlanta, GA
A pair of B&W CDM-1 NT would do the trick ($800 used). Or even better, the original CDM-1 if they are in good shape ($600 used). (I am not as crazy about the CDM-1 SE, but they're OK.) Sticking with B&W; the DM602-S2 are pretty good for $400 and even the DM302 for $175 (Stereophile even likes the 302).
Can anyone shed some light on which of these can sit well on a shelf or dresser and be fairly close to the wall. They are for a very small room.

Jonathans, I also have a 4330 in one of my systems. It is an absolutely wonderful little integrated amp. It will allow you to enjoy even the most demanding monitor if you have, as you describe, a small room. You should spend as much as you can to get the most accurate speakers within your budget. They are the most important component in your system. I presently use the Harbeth Compact 7ES monitors with the big brother Creek 5350SE. In a small room the 4330 will drive them. My present room is small as well, and they are very close to the wall and sound wonderful. You cannot hardly go wrong with most any of the "BBC" monitors that have a heritage of use in studios for sound mixing. They include Harbeth, Spendor, Rogers, B&W, etc... They all make very small to large monitors. If these are beyond your budget look at the PSB line, I have had good luck with them as well. And please, please look in the future to taking advantage of the pre-out on the 4330 and add a good powered subwoofer. You can make a really good move here, my friend. Good luck. Charlie
The B&W speakers I listed are all bookshelf speakers. I have owned them all and they were fine close to the wall.
I use Totem Arros with mine-they are slim floor standers which can palced near the wall and take up very little space and sound great.
I love your little integrated amp and own the SE version. Here is the straight dope-buy Spendors!
I used to own a Creek 4240SII a while back. I mated that integrated, which had an amazingly good MM/MC circuit, with a pair of Spica TC 50's. If you can find a used pair, the company no longer exists, you will not be let down.
Does anyone know if I can use a subwoofer with my old Creek 4240 SE amplifier? Any recommendations, if so?