Speakers for Linn Classik? Budget $400-500

A friend is interested in buyign a Linn Classik, and has a budget of about $400-500 for speakers. She would prefer to buy used. I think Linn Tukans would be ideal, but they rarely show up used. Can anyone recommend some decent monitors in this price range that show up used with some frequency? I am thinking B&W, but really don't know anything about them.

With the Classik, I would want something efficient and sweet in the midrange.

My Dad uses Triangle Titus ESs with his Classik. They are efficient enough to be used even in a fairly large room. He's very happy with the sound. The ES model might be a bit closer to $550 than $500 on the used market.

B&W 601s should work fine but when I listened I thought they were a good deal less lively and involving than the Tituses. Less efficient too. I actually preferred B&W 302s.
A friend of mine is using the Quad 11L with great success. Another one I would highly recommend that I liked even better on his Classik are the Spendor S3/5. Also, I liked the Spendors more than the Tukans. The Spendors were the best combination I heard to date with the Classik with lost of detail, smooth highs, fast and lively. And they can be had close to $600 used.

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I have the B&W 302's with the Classik in a bedroom setup. If I had to do it again, I would choose a less efficient speaker, probably the Tukans or Kans. The lowest volume on CDs is too loud.
NHT SB3s work great and can be had brand new for around 450.00. They have super bass and gorgeous build for the price.
I have a Classik connected to a pair of Dynaudio Audience 52 speakers and am very happy with the sound. These might be slightly higher than your budget so another choice would be the smaller Dynaudio Audience 42.

I've also had a Classik paired with an older pair of NHT VT-1A towers as a bedroom system which sounded great. I would think the NHT SB3 recommendation would be a good fit as well.
How about the Epos ELS-3's? Very nice balance of sound qualities and less than your budget maximum, new. Happy Listening!
When I had my Classik, I paired it with some old DCM Timepieces and it was good, B&W 302's and it was not so good, Sonus Faber Minuettos, and Concerto Homes and it was even more not so good. Then I got a pair of Silverline SR12's, and it was very good indeed, I could only have wanted for a subwoofer on the big orchestral stuff.
I think the Tekton 6.5t speakers would fit very nicely. Good freq response (better than Tukan or Katan), efficient and image well.