speakers prior to owning Harbeth 7es 3's

I'm curious as to what speakers present owners of Harbeth 7es 3's had before they purchased them. I'm considering selling my Spendor S8e's for the Harbeths and continuing to use my RELs as subs with them...don't want to be spinning wheels and going nowhere as my fellow audiophiles and I have done more than once....
I use a REL B3 with my 7ES3's. Adjust the sub(s) so that you are not aware of their presence, until you shut them off, and you sense the foundation has disappeared.
Just curious ,why would you sell one set of speakers to get another that has the same sound?I suggest broading your horizons and listening to different presentations,ya may like what ya hear......
Side ways move and another wheel spinning exercise. Move out of your comfort zone as suggested. (Dynaudio, Zu, Volent, Martin Logan)
missioncoonery and tom6897, I've had maggies and spendors....I have an audio research dsi-200 and an esoteric xo3-se...I have two powered rel's in a 23 x 13' room...I listen to most types of music...please give me some suggestions.. cap price new or used at about 5k..thanks.
I went from 7ES2's to Daedalus and got just what I was after--the same tonal purity and non-fatiguing sound but larger with more detail and dynamics. I ran them with Audio Research electronics (LS26/SD135) and the same X03Se you are using for a while and enjoyed that set up greatly. Check out the new Athena's--they are above your price point so save your pennies and make them the last speakers you will own.
Dynaudio Confidence C1, Volent VL-2. Check out the reviews and forum threads pertaining to each. For a floorstander I would look into the Aerial Acoustics 7T or the Sonus Faber Liuto.
IMO, I would agree with Tom on the C1s(used).I have the X03SE and ran Rel subs w/Dynaudio in a room approx the same as yours.Sounded great IMO.Having said that I would strongly suugest you listen to them as they are completely different..Speed/better definition/lack of coloration ie Harbeth.Its really what floats your boat
Not too sure what you dislike about the Spendor S8e but I've responded to a thread about a year ago when an owner found them to be lacking in sparkle and excitement, sounding a bit bland.

A Spendor S8e review-
Usually mediocre gear tend to receive 5 stars on Whathifi(less than stellar equipment getting good reviews), and apparently the notorious chaps of Whathifi don't quite like the S8e.

If you do not have a definitive criteria on what you want to achieve in your system, particularly the sound you are looking for in your speakers, you would probably be on the merry-go-round swapping speakers in every year.