Speakers with high WAF?

Friends, I have moved all my gear out of our family room and resituated it in my photostudio - all with my wife's unstated blessing. She hated the looks of those Newform Research 645's - mid/bass drivers in a rectangular black box, with a ribbon pole shooting out of the top to about 6'. But they sound so nice...So I am looking for a pair of replacements that may be a bit less "form following function." Showed her a pair of Adagios in the beautiful burl walnut - "but they don't look like furniture...." Thinking that a pair of Klipschorns tucked in the corners of our large family would be a bit more innocuous, she asked "Isn't there something that could be hung on the wall/" Guess that nixes the Klips. So I'd appreciate any of you guys who were ultimately able to satisfy your sonic needs and your wife's esthetic sensibilities. And ladies, your imput would be particularly appreciated.
Thats odd, I'm looking for a wife with a high SAF. Just show her some pics of Dunlavy SCV's or Soundlab A1's that you're "thinking" of buying and she'll learn to appreciate those skinny Newforms.
Don't know your price range, but you might look at a pair of Verity Audio Fidelio's. I have a pair in the makore finish that look really nice and sound as good----maybe better!!
Had the same issue - went with Totem Hawks. Most of the Totem line is clean, sleek and furniture-like. Others I got a blessing on were Vienna, Dali and strangely Gershman Avant Gardes and GAPs which look more arty than anything.
Any Sonus Fabers and some Ushers on stands. But find a dealer who has Sonus AND sells big pro audio monitors. Bring home the biggest JBL black vinyl clad monitors he sells first, preferaby used ones with Black Fly stickers on it. When she complains, swap them out for Guaneri Momentos.... problem solved;)