Speakers with high WAF?

Friends, I have moved all my gear out of our family room and resituated it in my photostudio - all with my wife's unstated blessing. She hated the looks of those Newform Research 645's - mid/bass drivers in a rectangular black box, with a ribbon pole shooting out of the top to about 6'. But they sound so nice...So I am looking for a pair of replacements that may be a bit less "form following function." Showed her a pair of Adagios in the beautiful burl walnut - "but they don't look like furniture...." Thinking that a pair of Klipschorns tucked in the corners of our large family would be a bit more innocuous, she asked "Isn't there something that could be hung on the wall/" Guess that nixes the Klips. So I'd appreciate any of you guys who were ultimately able to satisfy your sonic needs and your wife's esthetic sensibilities. And ladies, your imput would be particularly appreciated.
Bose speakers/systems (overpriced, worthless, essentially, sonically) have the highest waf I have ever seen.
magnaplanner and sequence both have very nice wall hangers....your current speakers however are outstanding hybrids.
Any Vienna Acoustics speaker. I love my Beethoven Baby Grands. The furniture finish is as good as anything in the house and they sound fantastic.

I found out either smaller or the biggest and more exotic,never seems to be in between?
When she asked "Isn't there something that could be hung on the wall?", I hope you said no. Otherwise you may as well just go to Best Buys and get some Sony speakers that hang on the wall.
FWIW, my wife doesn't complain much about my Verity Parsifal's, and believe me, there isn't many things that I buy that she doesn't say 'looks ugly'. She would love an invisible system, that is not an option for me though.

It's easiest when you start with big, honking ugly speakers, and she wants wall ones, then you slowly compromise. The key is to make sure that as they get 'better looking' they also get 'more expensive'. You'll be surprised at what she can tolerate then. :)

The only speakers my wife ever said weren't "obtrusive" were speakers with a sloped baffle such as Thiels and Meadowlark Audio. First it was a small pair of Thiel 1.5s that she approved of and later a pair of Meadowlark Kestrel Hot Rods. It helped that they both had a finish that exactly matched the furniture.
Any Sonus Fabers and some Ushers on stands. But find a dealer who has Sonus AND sells big pro audio monitors. Bring home the biggest JBL black vinyl clad monitors he sells first, preferaby used ones with Black Fly stickers on it. When she complains, swap them out for Guaneri Momentos.... problem solved;)

Don't know your price range, but you might look at a pair of Verity Audio Fidelio's. I have a pair in the makore finish that look really nice and sound as good----maybe better!!
Had the same issue - went with Totem Hawks. Most of the Totem line is clean, sleek and furniture-like. Others I got a blessing on were Vienna, Dali and strangely Gershman Avant Gardes and GAPs which look more arty than anything.
Thats odd, I'm looking for a wife with a high SAF. Just show her some pics of Dunlavy SCV's or Soundlab A1's that you're "thinking" of buying and she'll learn to appreciate those skinny Newforms.
I second the recommendation of the Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grands. A few weeks ago, I heard these for the first time and was shocked at the soundstage/sonics put out by this small floorstander (with equally small footprint). Not only did they sound beautiful, but were eye-catching in the piano black finish.
I agree that there comes a time when audio gear must dress the part. Great sound? Sure, but not from ugly boxes anymore.

Have a look at the Opera line of italian speakers. I personnaly own the SP Callas in durmast wood (light european oak).

These speakers are beautifully finished, with soft arcs on the sides, leather on the front, slim and a small footprint.

Past speakers include the Verity Audio Parsifal years ago, the Sonus Faber Grand Pianos (not the new Domus but the Home model) and a few more.

The Parsifals are of course in a league (and a price level) of their own, but the Operas edge-out the Grand Pianos on sound, and smokes them on looks, with the boat-shaped cabinet. I had a demo of the Sonus Faber Domus line with those ''serious'' looking piano black and dark wood finish- for WAF, the Operas still win in my opinion on looks. Photos do NOT show how beautifull they are when you see the real thing.

Nothing like Italian beauties, they ALL have a high WAF, regadless of the manufacturer.

There are none! Just accept that condition of life. Build a separate room, it is the right thing to do. Peace will come into your life!
My wife and her friends all think my Zu Presence are retro cool. Remember, though, no matter what concessions you make she will still bi*** about the wires, so you may as well seek a compromise that costs you nothing in the way of performance because she will never be completely satisfied unless everything is concealed and wireless.
Elac actually has some picture speakers that sound surprisingly good. Ridiculously expensive for what they are.
My goodness - what great suggestions and experiences. Seems to me that the R&D of some savy speaker comapny would conduct focus groups with women and use their feedback to style their boxes. They could then market to us guys with the WAF Seal of Approval.
Some of you guys are cold - imagine bringing home the baddest, ugliest boxes and then offering her what's behind door number three. Love it. Except, if I do that, she would be well within her rights to bring more white wicker into our home. Any guy here feel that they are living with too little white whicker? Any speakers out there done up in wicker - that might do it.
Those italian speakers are beautiful, and the Parsifals and Vienna Mahlers - those are striking. Used Mahlers are within my budget. I looked at the Druids a few weeks ago - great retro design that might do it. Showed her a pair of in the red - "Well they do match the couch...."
Know what you mean about the wires. A MAJOR issue, especially with those big honking Nordost biwires that feed the Newforms - but just got a set of Anticables that I think will pass the test. The speaker wires are a single stand of red coated wire with a diameter a bit greater than coat hanger wire, and the IC'c are equally unobtrusive. They sound wonderful and are cheap in the extreme ($10 per foot for speaker - and $200 for fully balanced 1m XLR interconnects).
You guys are all gentlemen - not one suggestion that this is a non-issue. Appreciate all the recommendations.
Thanks, David
SP Tech Minis, see my thread >> " We have a Winner" my wife loves their look beautiful finish and look
if you are looking for decor, the tympany 1d or tympany 4 or 4a, 3 panel speaker in a large room is very attractive.

a large sound lab doesn't look bad either.
"no matter what concessions you make she will still bi*** about the wires, so you may as well seek a compromise that costs you nothing in the way of performance because she will never be completely satisfied unless everything is concealed and wireless."

And I thought I was only person with this particular problem!

BTW, I like the look of the higher end Dali speakers.
Merlin's would fit the bill. They aren't on overly faceted/beveled and they certainly aren't plain-jane either.
In my experience, the cabinet finish is not so much the issue. My wife is more concerned with the dominating visual presence in the room. Speakers that will perform well close to the front wall are more acceptable as a rule. This also helps to minimize the visibility of THE WIRES.

Even when I had white Goldmund speakers that looked like something from Amana or Whirlpool, her greatest concern was the fact that I had them 3 feet out from the back wall.

Mr. Tennis' suggestion of large panels can work but only in a very large space. In more confined areas like my living quarters, they look enormous and take over the environs.

Something you might consider, depending on your living situation and you wife's need for attention, might be a state of the art headphone rig. Then you won't be able to hear the complaining and you will have a sound system to yourself. Meanwhile, put something small and inconspicuous where the primary system sits now and use that for ambient entertainment. You'll come out of this with extra money and enormous psychological advantage. Not to mention the glorious privacy this will afford you.
Thanks for all the suggestions.Macrojack, the headphones are an interesting solution. But I am a musician (tenot/clarintet) and play along. No way I can listen with the muffs and play.
Of all the great options, I think the best choises are the Vienna Acoustic Mahlers and the Verity Parsifals - the design of the Parsifals is extraordinary. But I think the thin vertical profile of the Mahlers would be a peacemaker. I have posted a followup on these, and again want to thank you all. I would never have known about either of these handsome devils.
For furniture grade, drop dead gorgeous cabinets AND great audio reproduction, check out Jim Salk's work at http://www.salksound.com - no prettier cabinet work anywhere else. My wife approved mine prior to buying - different than Jim's, but still beautiful: http://cgim.audiogon.com/i/vs/i/f/1134146234.jpg
1. Put doilies on the wires... or little yarn people..problem solved
2. White wicker speakers? Well, let's see it would diffuse the sound stage, especially around the tweeter, then you could make a bass node trap on the base of the unit, and around the woofer, maybe have adjustable wicker for soundstaging.... hmmmm.
Chrisla, now you are scaring me. I can not get out of my mind the image of a pair of Klipschorns in white whicker. Bad brain. Bad brain...
JM Lab Be 900 Series Speakers might work. Slim cabinets with furniture grade finishes. I just upgraded from older Thiels to JM Lab 927Bes and my girlfriend liked the fact that they have a smaller footprint and nicer finish.
I second the vienna's. I haven't owned them, but have heard them and they're quite good. Plus they look like furniture and have several models have a small and unobtrusive footprint.
I'll second rockadanny's strong recommendation on the Salk's

I have a pair of HT3's that are just stunning
musically and sonically

as much as JIm put's into his woodwork, his drivers, crossovers, etc are every bit and then some
My wife loves my Verity Audio Parisifal Ovations....however, the finish is the pricy Big Leaf Quilted Maple.

My wife loves my Totem Hawks in mahogany. I got itchy the other day and casually suggested swapping them out the other day to gauge her reaction and the idea ended there.
Jb8312, I would love to see some images of your speakers. I have a table in big leaf quilted maple which is the most spectacular wood I have ever seen. They must make just gorgeous speaker cabinets. You lucky dog.
Deliberate1, try clicking on Jb8312's 'System' link, there are photos in there of his Parsifal's.
I think they look fabulous, my wife prefers my Makore finish though, which is quite fortunate, since the Makore cost less than the Big Leaf Quilted Maple.

As my wife said, "those Wilson W/P 8's* are oh-kaaay". "Its those big black ugly things behind the speakers" (my Lamm 2.1's).

* She picked the Mercedes Desert Silver finish. Which does go well in our modern decor.
Jmcgrogan2, I checked out the link to JB8312's Parsifals in big leaf maple - and the price. "Stunning" in every respect.
NHT XD, extremely high WAF... a very sensible compromise between man and woman.
Launche, you have a dirty mind. But in this case you are correct; the Thiel is a tad phallic.