Spectron Musician III MK2 vs Carver Sunfire Signature vs Adcom GFA-555ii Infinity Kappas?

Hi All,

I have a pair of Infinity Kappa 8's and 9's I am trying to drive adequately.  Music I am listening to is primarily 60's-90's rock. I am interested in dark, liquid, highly holographic sound. 
I have not tried a Spectron yet but so far the Adcom GFA-555ii is favored over the Carver. The Adcom seems to really take hold of the Kappa 8's, mid and upper bass are tight and palpable. Treble is a bit too sibilant but overall minimal distortion is apparent even at high volumes with the Adcom.

The Carver using the Voltage Source works well to reduce sibilance of vocals (think Peter Gabriel and Peter Gabriel Genesis) but I swear I hear lots of distortion and compression with this amp. Stereo image flattens out a bit with the Caver amp as well.
Is it worth trying out a Spectron and/or two Adcom GFA-555ii in mono?
Any other thoughts on amps that are going to be able to handle Infinity Kappas (which get down into 1 ohm range), will be gentle with sibilants and have an highly holographic soundstage?
I just sold an old beast that would do the trick... PS Audio 200C.... Its very temperamental, but once you have it set up,  It is a fine sounding piece of gear at any price and today they go from $400 to about $800 depending on condition, age, repairs done etc.  200 to 8 ohms,  400 to 4,  800 to 2 ohms and 1000 to 1.5 ohms.... Doubling down all the way to 1.5 ohms,  this should handle your Kappa 9's without issue.  I did an internet search,  the only one that I see listed anywhere right now is $719.  
There are other amps that will work, but this came to mind,  good luck in your search, Tim 

You need to bi-amp the kappa 9 to get them to do their best.  Anything less will merely be adequate.
Two pairs of Carver Silver 9t monoblocs will be ideal if you can find them.
The Kappa series all had problematic crossovers. Wild impedance curves that dipped down too low (<2 ohms). There is a company making and selling new replacement x-overs: dstechlabs. Check them out - looks like quality stuff that will significantly improve the sound of your Kappa's!
Back again....

So I ended up with 4 Crown XLS 1500’s (two 1500’s and two 1502’s). I am throwing 3000 Class D watts at my 8 Kappas and they sound amazing! I will try this setup with the 9 Kappas shortly.

I also received my Sunfire back from Bill Flannery and look forward to trying it out. Mr. Flannery was a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend him.