Spectron Musician III MK2... what's next?


I had 2 Spectron Musician III MK2 run as monoblock, but both of them had one channel out last year. There were 3 mechanics tried to fix them but all giving up, so I decide to retire these awsome amps.

I spent a lot of time googling great and not so expensive class D amp like Spectron, and I found Purifi have great reputation and could DIY. Then I come across an idea, maybe I could put Purifi 1et400a modual into the Spectron case, and maybe re-use some Spectron parts.

The transformer, primary power board, standby power board, caps board of Spectron Musician are still good. Lots of capacities such as Duelund Caps, Bybee Super Effects filters, Bybee Large Quantum Purifiers could be re-use. And also binding posts.

I could do some easy works like soldering, but not an expert of Circulity and Electronics. So before doing this, I would like to ask your opinion. Is it a good idea to re-use some Spectron Musician parts to assemble the Purifi’s DIY amp or make it sound better?

Thank you and have a great day.




Inside boards view and disassemble photos:



Spectron was really good in its day, but Class D has come even farther than Spectron was pushing. Many of the diy amp kits will net you good results, but if you can afford to invest more, there are some excellent Class D amps on the market from notable manufacturers now.

i would not reuse Spectron’s parts, either. If you don’t know them inside and out. Generally the transformers, power supplies etc are all designed around the voltages and performance parameters of that amp particularly. They won’t work with just any Class D Board. And given their age, I wouldn’t want to risk the safety of new components. 

I’m not sure what speakers you are trying to power, but as a T+A authorized dealer, I have a T+A A 200 amplifier that uses Purifi, and it is very good. T+A also now makes monoblocks as well for quieter operation and increased power output. Aavik also makes stellar Purifi amps. I have no affiliation with them but they do push the boundaries for Class D in ways Spectron was doing so many years ago. 

Wow, the power supply in that amp is magnificent. I bet your Sepctrons did sound excellent. If you decide not to rebuild from the Spectron parts and go with Class-D you might want to consider those with well built linear power supplies like that in the Spectron.

Good luck in your amp search.



Thanks for the reply . I haven’t think about the detail technical issues, indeed, buying a new amp would be the easiest way to go.

Any recommendations about the usage of remaining parts? Don’t want to  throw away those good parts.I know someone use the transformer to build a power conditioner. Any other thoughts?