Spectron 3SE MK2 vs Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000 S Ii

Spectron Musician 3SE MK2 vs Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000 Series Ii.

I just received an email today from a former Spectron stereo owner who has just changed amps and gone with Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000 Series Ii mono blocks.

I have never heard of these before, an attachment was sent along with other users thoughts and of course a price list. What I read was all positive obviously but then I reviewed the list price, you could get a pair of their mono blocks for a fraction of the price of only one Spectron stereo amp.

Have any other Spectron users or other similar designed amps owners listened or done any comparisons.

Your thoughts.
I have not compared vs Spectron, but had PS Audio GCA 250 and W4S SX 500 monos. I now have a W4S MC 250/500. I just put a Tek Line Cable Reference power cord on it and am blown away. Also replaced a DH Labs Revelation with a PS Audio Transcendent Silver which warmed up the hi-freqs.

Meaning? W4S is cable sensitive!
The spectron is in a whole other league! If someone swapped a Spectron for a W4S, I'm sure they had other reasons than sonics. Or maybe the rest of their rig just don't reveal the better amp of the two.

do you have first hand experience with these two products, can you be a little more elaborate regarding the differences than just saying "in a whole other league."
I can only be so specific. Yes, I've heard in my room(side by side) all but the new Bal Canto Ref 500s and the top Rowland 312s. There is just a staging,imagery that the Spectron produces that the others can't match. Yes, the A. Research 150.2, CIA D200s,W4S SX 500s and even the Rowland 501s sounded very good.I've had all the digital amps as I'm a believer in them. Had one since the B. Canto 2000.2. They're all great amps but, the Spectron is special! Hard to put to words really. I'm talking about the stereo amp with no V-cap or Bybee mods too. If imagery is important then the Spectron is tops. If not, then a lot of amps can fill that space. This all coming from a die hard SET amp guy. I have three all together different systems.
Wyred4sound - good for a money but I doubt if they are better the Rowland and other expensive amps.

In a couple of months Kal Rubinson of Stereophile will publish review of the newest Bel Canto Ref1000 Mk2. By every body account - who has attended RMAF 2008 these relatively inexpensive amps were more or less equal to Rowland 312 as well as Spectron monoblocks even with Bybee upgrade. Regretably all three amps were in different rooms. Still, if pair of BC Ref100 MkII cost only $6k vs $14-$15 of two other mentioned amps then you have a freedom to use the "change" for killer preamp or super speakers and gain overall MUCH BETTER system.

I always loved Kal's review and I am looking forward to this one

Soon will be CRS 2009 and I expect a few surprises there ..so save you money meanwhile.