Spectron Remote Sense Cable

Spectron users, are you using the Remote Sense Cable? If you are, what what made you decide?

I did use it before I moved to monoblock configuration and was very happy with the improvement - amp seemed to be more refined and a better sense of spacial presentation. Not a massive upgrade, but also saves messing around with uber expensive cables.

Disclosure: I have a set I will put up for sale shortly.

Steve - what did you use after moving to monos? Could you not employ these with jumpers or perhaps in double runs?
Spectron Audio has available new Remote Sense cables - in a few levels. The same cables can be used for stereo and mono configurations (with some re-termination). This info with more details should appear on Spectron Web Site in a week or so.... Meanwhile, if you are interested you can call them
Thanks-- I will watch the Spectron site -- thought it seems to be slow to update anything in the last year, maybe a new design is on the way. I am most interested in learning how to biwire with these cables in a mono set up.
Hello Oscar:

look at http://spectronaudio.com/remotesense.htm Today, Spectron offers bi-wire solution with Spectron-JPS new remote sense cables.

Good Luck

I know that Simon was in love with Elrod cables and he did all testing as its relate to Spectron amps at least. I also believe that Simon started to work with Prana Wire (silver ribbons - oh-la-la!!!). Did anyone hear these JPS cables? Are they comparable to Elrod or Prana (both extraordinary cables, IMHO)?

I have my Elrod's and intend to keep them as long as possible, for me they sound like magic but I am curious.

All The Best
Thanks Simon -- most interesting. From what I can tell, given that I have the monoblocks and biwirable speakers, I'd need to order the mono wired cables and jumpers. Not entirely clear if I should then connect the speaker cable to the uppers or lowers or if that even makes a difference, but it's a tempting option (though an 8ft pair of the RS2 with jumpers would top $4000!!!). Think I'd try the RS1s first and maybe trade up if I liked the results. Anyone heard them?
Hello Oscar,

I have a two rules of thumb when I deal with bi-wired speakers and Remote Sense cables.

1 Remote Sense should be inserted into more difficult load be it a woofer as in many speakers or treble/midrange as in many electrostatic speakers

2 If I deal with just bi-wired situation with one main cable and jumper - as a rule, I place main cable on treble/mid and jumper between it and the woofer - Because woofer will tolerate better additional electrical load of the jumper

When rules #1 and #2 clash - experiment, it takes only a minute to re-connect speaker cables and jumpers at speaker end

When rules #1 and #2 do not clash - still experiment, I could be wrong in general or as its related to your case.

Most important: in selecting your cables and their set up - trust ONLY your ears. Disregard "buzz" and other bull..

Thank you
For what it's worth I replaced my remote sense cables with the Elrod Silver cables for my main speaker cables to my Gallo 3.1's. I took the remote sense cables and ran them to the SA amp to drive the second woofer coil in the Gallo's.
I'm also using Elrod Silver speaker cables, biwire, with the latest Spectron monos. I compared them to Stealth Dream cables (nonbiwire), and preferred the Elrods. These cables are completely transparent. They just get it all right: Dynamics, clarity, warmth, and balance across the frequency spectrum.
So, which one work best for Spectron – JPS as remote sense or any of Elrod's?

Guma, I believe there is superb synergy between the Spectron and the Elrod Silver speaker cables. Big WOW factor when you first plug them into your system. I would also throw the Elrod Silver Statement power cord in that category.

I don't know anything about JPS so can't answer your question.

Regarding Elrod cables I’m not in doubt as PCs Statements are hooked to my Spectrons with excellent results.

I’m looking forward to improve sound by change of present speaker cables Acoustic Zen Absolute in bi-wiring configuration with Specron’s remote sense RS2 (JSP) or would be better to see in system Elrod Silver’s.

Would be nice to hear from Simon, to clear doubts.

Best regards,
Hello Guma15,

Finally, I can answer your question and my apologies for the delay. We recently introduced next generation of remote sense cables. See description here -http://spectronaudio.com/remotesense.htm. We are producing them for a few months for beta testing and now we decided to offer them for use with our Musician and Premier amplifiers.

These cables were developed with consultation of Joe Cohen of Prana Wire (silver ribbons). I cannot compare them to JPS cables because neither did I nor John Ulrick was able to auditioned JPS cables et all - one of the few reasons why we decided to developed our own cables.

Regarding the Elrod Cables - I own Gold Signature Elrods and I believe there is no equal to them (except, of course Gold Statement but at $20k retail I cannot afford them ...yet).

Finally, a few of our beta testers were very happy with what this generation of Remote Sense cables, particularly Signature brought to their systems.

Thank you for your patience.
Its been several months since I've used the Stealth, and my aural memory fails me. As I recall I only slightly preferred the Elrods- a bit more well-rounded and balanced presentation and slightly tighter and fuller bass. But this was comparing biwire Elrods to single wire Stealth, which is slightly unfair, no?
I plan to use the Stealth in a second room, going from Wavac 300B to Musical Affairs Grand Crescendo.
Again, why was the JPS Remote Sense sourced cable replaced? Does anyone know if the new remote sense cable is as good as the JPS sourced cables?

And yet, a good high quality cable such as the Elrod cables are still better than going with the remote sense cable?
Hello Wadav,

In about 10 days, we will send newsletter to Spectron amp owners (specifically, to whom we have e-mail addresses) where we will explain more regarding our latest Remote Sense cables.

One question I will answer here. I myself own and use David Elrod Gold Signature speaker cable ($9,5k retail) and if you can afford it then this cable is better then ours ($2.9k retail. I love David Elrod works!

Good Luck

Does anyone have any sense cables they’d like to part with?

Does anyone know how to build these cables.

Please be in touch. Thanks!