Springsteen on Broadway

My wife just won the lottery that enabled us to purchase tickets to Springsteen on Broadway.
Quite excited, but odd to win the privilege of spending hundreds of dollars.
At least we are just paying the ticketed price.
wow. looks like winning ain't no big deal. just another way to charge a-bit extra for performance of pop star. 
I would love to have the opportunity to purchase tickets for this show.  Many are envious of your good luck.  No one is ever forced to pay to see a show, its always voluntary.  
Great songwriter .....no doubt but still beats the drum of being of and for ; '' The Common Man '' .......yeah right he is one of the 1% er's and also takes a cut from the Stub Hub scum scalpers. He has worked hard for what he has but he is also the problem with ticket prices. Left him after ; '' Darkness on The Edge of Town '' ....when he was what he professed.