SRV Instrumental tracks and similar artists

Hello! I really enjoy SRV's instrumental tracks (e.g. Riviera Paradise, Lenny) and wonder if you guys know of other similar music from SRV or other guitarists. Thanks!!
It's a different sound, but checkout "Albatross" by the original Fleetwood Mac.
Riviera is such a fine song. I would look into Ronnie Earl and the broadcasters. Ronnie is a Boston based blues guitarist with great chops. He has several terrific instrumentals in his catalog. I think his last cd was completely instrumental. Highly recommended for anyone who appreciates great guitar work.
I'll second Peter Green, but suggest a different track: Man of the World. Some versions feature vocals, some don't. Either way, it's a great example of blues guitar in "lyrical" mode and I'm not sure that anyone does that better than Peter Green.
OK, chk out:

Oz Noy - 'Ha!', 'Schizophrenic', & Twisted Blues, Vol. 1'.

Michael Landau - The Star Spangled banner', 'Tales Of The Bulge', & 'Organic Instrumentals'. Michael's also recorded 2 live records in 2000 and 2006. The guy has recorded so many amazing records as a sideman. I'd also recommend the band 'Renegade Creation', a group he co-starred in with fellow gtr-slinger Robben Ford. Also, hard to find but absolutely worth looking for is his work with the band 'Burning Water'! Two more very worthwhile pickups featuring Michael Landau would be 'Live At The Baked Potato -feat. Landau, G. Mathieson, A. LaBoriel, & V. Colaiuta' and 'Karizma - Document'. looking up some of these records I can't believe the prices some are going for! But you can get the Karizma on the cheap, amazing live record!
Not Blues but jazz,check out Kenny Burrel. Listen to his Midnight Blue album.