SS Integrated amp w/front-mounted 1/8” mini-jack for personal media players ($1~3k range)

Looking for recommendations for a "budget" integrated amp to drive ELAC Uni-Fi B5 bookshelf speaker. The ELAC is a tough load (4 ohms nominal/3.7 minimum) with 85 db efficiency. 

This system is for use in my vacation home where I spend about 10 days a year so no need for anything more "refined"
to drive a $500 bookshelf speaker.

I use a chord mojo/poly as my only "input" source and greatly prefer a 1/8 mini-jack on the front panel for ease of access. I realize that my desire for a front mount jack will severely limit me from considering other high quality integrated's but thats my preference.

So far I've only identified the NAD 326/375 BEE series and SimAudio Moon 250i. 

I would consider discontinued products that meet my criteria. Basically I want a robust amp that can drive a demanding load. I want high quality and no frills. 

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for the info. I am aware of this type of cable configuration but trying to use my existing Audioquest Yosemite 3.5 mm >>>3.5 mm cable.

As I noted in my post, I understand that my request for a front mounted 1/8 (3.5 mm) jack will limit my choices. 

Outlaw Audio RR2160 receiver has what you want on the front panel and is a pretty good product, maybe better than you expect or want. Its about $1000 direct from Outlaw Audio. I believe it is built by ATI for OA. I have had an ATI amp which is excellent for 10 years. I have a buddy who bought a RR2160 as a backup while his treasured vintage NAD integrated was in the shop. It ended up replacing his NAD as daily driver and even prompted him to box up his original Rogers LS 3-5A speakers to buy new Dynaco monitors. It was that transparent and revealing. It is kind of a retro looking device but has built in DAC, built in internet radio and HD Radio and tons of other capabilities. I was looking at buying one but the SO stepped in as I had about 8 other units in storage at home. But, I still think it is a steal. Lots of reviews online. Check it is not a well known brand but they have been around more than 20 years which is awhile in the audio industry.
Thanks for the suggestions. The Music Hall a30.3 has even more  power and might be a good match. 

Both the Arcam and Outlaw were not on my radar so thanks for bringing them to my attention.

Digital Amplifier Company (DAC)  Stereo Maraschino (STM) has a 1/8 input on the front and it sounds very good. The STM has a number of power supplies offered for your wattage needs.
I'm glad I posted my question. Getting good suggestions, many for products I never heard of before.