SST Ambrosia original vs. "Second Edition?"

My only concern is the line stage XLR in/out, not the phono. The room and associated system is state-of-the-art or close enough thereto.

Please comment if you directly compared the 2 subject preamps. If you know anyone else who made such comparison, please ask them for their feedback.

I prior owned original Ambrosia in California then in Utah, the driest US State. The following never happened in California, but I often developed a static charge in Utah which caused Ambrosia remote to wrongly command Ambrosia to power off, requiring me to either risk turn-on noise damaging amps/speakers OR turn off 4 amps while Ambrosia rebooted then turn on the same 4 amps.

Did anyone else experience similar Ambrosia problem?

Thanks for your valued time.