SST Ampzilla 2000 SE MB and Ambrosia Preamp

Looking at SST Ampzilla 2000 SE monoblocks and Ambrosia 2000 SE tube preamp combination for my hard to drive CS 2.4 Thiel speakers.  Is anyone familiar/experienced with these SST products?  The few reviews available are glowing and the price is right.  I am thinking this would be a better route than comparably priced hybrid integrated amp.  Thanks


I owned that combo a few years back and, IMHO, they're fantastic. I even liked their blue faceplates with the Star Trek logos!

They definitely ride the neutral line, you won't get much of anything added or subtracted, so your front-end better be up to the task. 

Just be a little careful on used prices when compared to MSRP. Wally Underwood sold these at a fairly significant discount quite regularly, so his 'sale' price has really become the new MSRP. 


Excellent designs from the late esteemed James Bongiorno (SAE, SWTP, Dynaco, GAS, Sumo, Spread Spectrum Technology).

I owned Mr. Bs, products. I saw him preform a few times too. They called him Pimp Daddy, All about the Jazz. His amps were as good as they come and could drive a very hard load without a strain. He taught me how to pull wire from a spool and that is how he wired his amps. Same with the power cables he cold welded in place.

He took a pair of his amps and added knife edge switches for start up because of the cap banks (2) that were outside the amp chassis. They could suck a PG&E pole dry when they were being pushed, yet run cool while idling. It was a super rare thing to have power and COOL in the same box.. It just didn't happen. You could go from ZERO feed back to a TON with lock nut screw pots. 

They were close to 150lbs for the 2 chassis mono blocks. He made 6 that I knew of. The first time I saw speaker cable heat up and get warm to the tough. He drove a 1 ohm bass load for over 10 minutes until a single 20amp shop breaker blew. We split the circuit and that never happened again.

15 years later I used the SST 2000 x 3 with his 3 speaker processor too. It wasn't digital it was pure analog. Man oh man could they make small planars and ribbons sing without the boil. There was never a question about the power cable either. HE made it permanent for a reason.

If I remember they were only rated at 1 or 200 watt @ 8 ohms, but would double down to 1/2 ohm (unpublished) if you wired 220/240.

Mine saw a lot of 2 ohm bass loads. It's always the same with me, I kept my Mac gear and keep on collecting. 

I have pics of my speakers (Elixirs) with the SST Trinaural Processor and a stack of 2000s. Kinda cool!

VMPS Elixirs with SST Tech. I use a pair, mine are currently under silks.
I all so added a G1 AC ribbon in the 4th from the bottom position and a AC G3 tweeter and neo 8 boxed for rear fire. . They are on my system page in primer.. 460lb each with mods

To bad you don't have a set of these to go with the amps.

There is only 6 pairs I know of. I really got to finish my room.. :-)

Wow, thanks for the background.  I am not exactly sure what I am looking at in this picture but it seems all are very keen on the SST Ampzilla monoblock amps and thankfully are the black version with the not so prominent Star Trek symbol.  Not sure I want to suck the Edison pole dry on the back of my house, but I do want to effortlessly drive those speakers as they were meant to be driven at half the price.  Anyway, much appreciated input.  


The SST Ampzilla monoblocks won’t such that much power the previous post were talking about different amps.  I own the Ambrosia 2000 SE and the Son of Ampzilla II.  I am very pleased with this setup!

I just picked up a pair of Ampzilla 2000 Second Edition monoblocks for my Thiel 3.6 speakers. I was driving them with Herron M1 monoblocks and they sounded great, but I wanted to see how they would respond to more power. They now have more body and dynamics and detail and are just a tad warmer. I'm using the Herron VTSP-360 preamp. I'm happy I made the upgrade. 

Two years ago while looking at amps, I saw a pair of V1’s that caught my attention. I reached out a couple times to the seller with questions.  These had been freshened up,and ready to go,but I thought about listening habits.  These would have been total overkill for my tiny listening room. I still wonder,what if?? 

I went with a new Pass Labs integrated for about the same money.  I still want to hear the 2000 SE amp and the Ambrosia combination.  They looked so good and the feedback I got only confirms that they are excellent gear.