Give 'Ambrosia' another listen

Ambrosia.  It's been years since I put them on, and I'm blown away. There are a couple of their albums that rival Sgt Pepper in creativity. Very under rated band IMO.  The albums, 'Somewhere I've never traveled' and their self titled one are my favs.


Imagine Yes, Chicago, the Beatles, and Klaatu mixed together, with a great vocalist.


That first album is a killer ......... Time stands for no one.

Early 70s prog rock sells out to radio love songs.

They started strong.

That first album is a killer

Early prog rock sells out to radio love songs.

They started so strong

Thanks for the suggestion, but the CD on Amazon starts at $60,00 which appears to be a bargain next to the LP which is priced at $289.00!

Thanks @stuartk , but isn't $28 for a used CD still pretty pricey? I wonder why some label doesn't re-release these titles if they're commanding such prices.

The first LP was engineered by Alan Parsons, no doubt using experience gleaned from The Beatles and Pink Floyd. Nominated for best engineered.


I agree they are underrated. The first 3 albums were very creative. Then they became more mainstream. 

Always liked them... especially when Alan Parsons was involved.

Agree... the early albums are best.

I've had them on my play list forever The 70's band Player are pretty good also I have a jazz CD that l bought back in 94 called Wonderful Sound of Three Blind Mice Thought I'd buy a back up as I love it so much! Found one on ebay for $300!!

This is all news to me. I knew their one big schmaltzy hit, and had no idea that they had a previous catalog of respected prog rock. I hope that I can afford one of these CD's soon and explore it for myself.

After a period of being thoroughly spoiled by some of the most creative artists and musicians in rock history, Ambrosia filled  a much needed void in my search for musical genius.  Their first album is/was a musical masterpiece showing  a mix of boldness, creativity,,highly competent musicians — and, vocals. 

I used the intro to Time Waits for No one “ to demonstrate (and sell) the benefit of subwoofers.  A plus.

Their first 3 albums are really good,then they went commercial.  Saw them live opening for Tangerine Dream.


It comes down to supply and demand or "what the market will bear".

I’ve spent considerably more for out of print CDs, particularly Jazz; I don’t consider $28 "expensive" for a hard-to-find title.

It all depends on your budget and how much the music means to you.

Perhaps BGO or a similar label will eventually reissue Ambrosia at modest price. Of course, once reissues are out of print, prices rise again.

It pays to regularly keep an eye on discogs, Ebay and Amazon if you are looking for something rare because every so often a seller will price a cd much lower than other sellers. I've taken advantage of such situations numerous times.



Great suggestion, they were missing from my play list. Ive been struggling to find "new" oldies that I enjoyed.  Didnt realize how many songs that they did that I liked.  Thanks! 

I have their first album, (Very Good) but haven’t heard anything else. I’ll add the next two to the list of albums I am planning to listen to.

Wow, I feel blessed that I kept the albums all these years. I just made a 'Best of Cd, and found I had to fill two 80 minute CD's just to get all their best songs included. Worth the big bucks you guys. Try record shops, there's plenty of them here in Portland.

I love them and since I’ve gotten quobuz, I also listen to all of their albums especially their first one! +1 @ozzy 

I’m glad you brought them up as grew up on “Life beyond LA” and didn’t hear the first album (cept the hits off it) and it’s so good through my Harbeth REL combo makes me appreciate Alan Parsons and the fact that he’s still around  touring  That & the work he did with Al Stewart as well😎great stuff indeed !

I swear I saw their first one at the Goodwill here in Portland just last week.  Shoulda snagged it for $3.  Thanks for the heads up.....had no idea.

I thought I had all of their cd's; but, I discovered a live album that I didn't know about due to this thread, so thanks for that!

"Standing Room Only" was recorded in 2002 and there are still three original band members (guitarist/vocalist David Pack left in the mid 80's). There are 10 songs in the 60 minute set, with 6 deep cuts: "Nice, Nice, Very Nice;" "Livin' On My Own;" "Somewhere I've Never Traveled;" "Time Waits For No One;" Drink of Water" & "Holding On to Yesterday" plus their 3 big hits and a cover of "Magical Mystery Tour." Most importantly, the sound quality and the performances are very good.

So, for a mere $8 investment, the verdict is a big thumbs up! Just be aware that Amazon has mis-labeled the cd as "Extended Versions," instead of "Standing Room Only."