St. Louis, Missouri

I'd be interested in trading music and listening to equipment with audiophiles in the St. Louis area. I'm free most evenings and on weekends. I have a Thiel/Meitner/Classe/Harmonic Tech/CEC system and love all music except for opera. The bulk of my collection is devoted to rock (all generes but heavy metal and thrash), jazz, folk and jazz. I appreciate classical but am open to learning more.
In case you're unaware, there is a fairly active "Gateway" audio club over on
I live over in Belleville. I am currently running an Altis CDT-III transport and Altis Reference DAC. I have a Supratek Chardonnay preamp, Audio Note P4 monoblocks, AER MKII speakers mounted in rear-loaded horn cabinets, Tonian Lab TL-R2 super tweeters, ZU Method subwoofer, and Art of Sound subwoofer.
My DAC which is probably over 10 years old is starting to have some problems and it is going to be difficult get fixed since the owner of Altis and the chief engineer are both dead.
So I am researching new approaches for digital and am interested in the MAC Mini and BIDAT and PS Audio Perfect Wave setups.
I don't know if you have attended any of the Gateway Audio club sessions. I signed up but never attended any. Anyway, I would be interested in hearing your system and discuss the latest digital equipment and software offerings. My musical tastes are pretty flexible are in line with yours. I will even listen to opera!


My email address is and cell phone is 314-503-7118.

I'll email you directly. For anyone else who lurks, the Gateway Audio Society is simply fantastic. I would never have found out about it without the audiogon forums. Contact me if you wanna know more.