Standalone DAC player with SD card/USB flash drive slots

Hello, I am looking for some quality stand alone DAC player that comes with built-in (micro) SD card slots or ports for those common USB flash drive sticks (the ports that your computer has) or both. So that you can play your favorite music directly from a SD card or USB stick without having to connect your notebook computer to the USB port (not for those USB sticks) usually located on the back of the DAC player via a cable. I really hate looking at my notebook sitting on the top of the rack and occupying outlet. I believe my notebook should stay with me all the time wherever I go - desk, bed, sofa, airplane, etc.... BUT NOT on the top of another audio equipment. Of course I don't want to buy another notebook just for that purpose. Are there any copyright issues involved in making such DAC players? Or there's no demand for such units? Makes me wonder.