Standalone VU Power Meters?

Was thinking it would be nice to add some large, lighted VU type meters to my setup. I see Realistic once had a couple of models, the APM 100 and 200. As far as I can tell, the 100 uses a wall wart to light it, but the 200 has a captive power cord. Does the meter go inline between the amp and speakers? Do you know any other standalone makes/models that may have been available in the good old VU days?
I believe all you had to do was connect the meter to the speaker out of the amp. Can't vouch for their accuracy. I have an RS LED model somewhere.
Also have a Heathkit AD1701 (LED) that can connect via speaker or line level. I think that Onkyo used to make a large "component" sized VU meter. Watch on EBAY. If you are just looking for a light show you could pick up an old o-scope on EBAY, hook it up and play Pink Floyd DSOTM.
I suppose you could get some at any electronics store.Okay Rock,I'm nosy!! Why do you want large,lighted VU meters?
Many thanks to you Mrd. The quest is on for an Onkyo U-30 System Unit. But holy cow, the few on google seem to have gone for hundreds of clams. Just my luck.

Tp: everybody knows nothing says stereo maniac like a pair of large, lighted VU meters. Actually, I got hooked six months ago when a friend dragged out a dormant, 70's vintage, low power, Kenwood integrated amp with built in VU meters. And what do you know, the amp still worked and sounded sweet too but who cares, take a gander at those cute little meters!