Standmounts - $1000-$1400 CAD range

I've been living without speakers for some time now (I was forced to sell some of my gear b/c of unforeseen circumstances)

Now looking for a standmount. Desired qualities: Neutral to bright, good midrange realism... good imaging, soundstagin et al.

I'm not a bass freak, but I do like well defined, controlled bass and have no time for slow, bloated bass.

Associated gear:

Unison Research Unico
Rotel RCD 971 with MSB Link III, half nelson w/ upsampling

room is 14x11.5 or so with the setup on the long wall.

been leaning toward the Epos M12.2's, but am wondering if there's better bang for the buck available to me. Have also been thinking about VR-1's and GMA Europas, but neither is readily available for demo in my area.

Please help me make a short list!
Owned the VR-1s for a while and never thought of them as bright. More like neutral to warm.
Glad to hear your circumstances have changed for the better. Good Luck
btw...the main reason i'm hesitant with the M12.2's is b/c I've heard that the predecessor, the M12, is superior to the 12.2.... don't know if that's true, as i've never compared one to the other.

I HAVE listened to the M12 and liked it...Listened to the 12.2 and wasn't as impressed, but wrote it off to ambient noise distraction, time of day, etc.

Now, i'm just not sure anymore.
Reference 3a Dulcet would fits your profile.
They would go great with your amp.
Check on Audiogon, there are two pairs for sale in Canada.