Starting a website...need AR Turtable info

Hi everyone,
A friend and I have as one of our summer goals to get a website up and running that is dedicated to the AR Turntables. I envision it, down the line in a couple of years, to be a resource for AR owners much the same that User510's site is to Thorens owners. (A lofty goal, I know.) At the start, focus will be on the AR XA.

Right now, I am searching for brochures for AR Turntables. Does anyone have some they would be willing to scan?? Any models?

Also, would someone know of a definitive timeline for the order in which the AR turntables were produced and released? I have searched the archives, and I have tidbits, but no definitive timeline.

Eventually, part of the website will be a gallery of tables, modded and not. Of course, a good deal of the site will be devoted to repairing/restoring/maintianing these tables.

Thanks for your help.

I'm quite certain that i have paperwork for the AR model made in the early 80's called "The Turntable". I'll dig up what i have within the next few days and get back to you. That is, if you're interested in the newer models and not just the old classic versions. Sean
I bought my AR-ES1 in Brooklyn around 1981 from a young man Named Eliot (sp?) in a second story walk-up across the street from Baskin-Robbins. He used a small business loan to start Esoteric Audio (now next to Bloomingdales). He is the biggest Linn dealer in the world. He sold me on the AR with a Linn Basik arm by banging the plinth with a hammer whilst spinning a record. He should be a good source. He did a blind test for me comparing the then $1800 Denon direct drive aginst me AR. I picked the AR 10/10 in trials. I know that I am already wandering in the weeds, but there you go.
Next, there is a cat in Memphis who upgrades these tables. I have not heard from him in ten years. I was thinking of doing it at my dozen year mark with this table.
So best wishes for your web site, and I will be there!
Dave: I finally found the literature for the AR Turntable that i mentioned that i had. I normally keep all of this stuff in file cabinets, but it wasn't there. After looking all over for it, guess where it was? Believe it or not, it was inside the original AR box along with a brand new table that has never been used. I'm not joking.

I had shown this table to a local dealer ( Bes at Music Direct ) a while back. He told me that he had never seen a table this old in this good of shape, let alone with the factory box and packing. When i told him that this was the first time that it had ever come out of the box, which was done right there in front of him at Music Direct, he said "i believe it". The next words out of his mouth were that he wanted to know if i would sell it to him for his own personal use. Given that they have a pretty wide assortment of tables to choose from there ( VPI, Rega, etc..), that should tell you something about the desirability of a well cared for AR and the condition of this specific unit.

Needless to say, i don't think that you can find one in better shape at this point in time. It is still in the box with all of the original packing material. Hell, i've even still got a "virgin" warranty registration card. If i send it it, do you think that they'll honour it??? : ) Sean
Dave, I believe I have some AR lit/brochures/setup guides in my collection. some of it may be in reprint form, but I would be glad to give you what I have. Email me off list and let me know. I'll be out of town for a couple of days and won't be reading my mail, but I will get back to you later this week.