Steamer upgrade? Follow up follow up

@ianrmack 168 hours and counting, still giddy , possibly even giddier.


When I was a boy we would dig for them on the beach, take them home in buckets, and my grandma would cook them up and serve with drawn butter. 

Just wish that all of these emphatic and exuberant users of those $6k+ steamer-only products would kindly describe what they experienced after they bought and installed such a coveted piece of gear.

I know what I heard when I bought and installed an LTA Z40+ amp.


How about some of you dart-throwers try to describe it instead of just opine about what you think others should be doing.....please...? 

@ianrmack Plenty have described the improvements brought about by higher end streamers and network products.


Assuming you have highly resolving system, generally, you're going to get more analog like presentation, should compete in same neighborhood as the best vinyl setups. Resolution/transparancy improvements are part of it, but a more relaxing presentation, more ease, digital and analog converge into musical enjoyment. Analysis of sound quality ceases to be more than momentary, total engagment with music, sense of living, breathing performers in room.


One can be skeptical or believe they already have best digital can deliver, resolution/transparency pretty easy for digital to deliver.  The above qualities are what separate great streaming setup from the good setup. I know this based on my own experience, thought I had reached pinnacle or near pinnacle with prior setups, very satisfying digital, curiosity forced me to continually experiment with ever better streaming equipment, hearing is believing.

My Aurender N200 takes the computer out of " computer audio" , it makes it so easy to stream,  play music files from anywhere on my network...  thumb drive , ext HDD , built in SDD .   That alone is worth the cost to me.   Add great sound , great user interface , nice display with album art,  and seriously good build quality and the price is soon forgotten.....