Steely Dan "Can't Buy A Thrill" on UHQR vinyl

I've had my copy for a few days now and have listened through several times. 

Steely Dan is my favorite band ever, so I have a ton of their stuff.  This particular album I have a US and UK first pressing.  A German and Japanese pressing and the Speakers Corner reissue.

This is by far the best copy I've ever heard.  I liked the German and Speakers Corner copies the best until now.

$150.00 is a chunk of change, (a tad high IMHO), but it's a great album and the pressing is top-notch.

Next album, (Countdown To Ecstasy), is due the first of December or so.


Here's Fremer's take:



Contemporaneously, It’s also just been released in hi-rez digital download form  - 192kHz · 24bit




Thanks for your posting. 


If you are into digital downloads, I recommend buying from ProStudioMasters. Full transparency on the provenance of digital files.

Just got my copy today. This is probably as good as it gets for this album and Bernie Grundman performed whatever magic he could here (soundstage is really good) but unfortunately this isn’t an amazing recording to begin with. Need to give this few more listens. According to Chad Kassem, this will also be released on regular non-UHQR vinyl at some point which will be significantly cheaper and may end up being a better deal but won’t be as valuable for collectors as the UHQR version. 

It's hard to choose my favorite Dan album. If I could only take one with me to the B side, I would reach for countdown. I'm jonesing for new master vinyl this December

Also a long time Dan fan, and avid collector.  I have ordered the set as they are parceled out.

I did just listen to this pressing and was struck by a few things:

yes, it is the best sound of this album I have heard.

the lyrics really are much more intelligible, or I suppose more readily presented, but not more upfront, if that makes sense.

It is still an obviously studio recording, as opposed to a more “live” type of recording.  That becomes even more obvious with this better pressing.  They have been criticized as being a bit clinical and precise as opposed to being more free spirited and loose and I think that comes through even more on this disc.

Overall I loved it and it is a must have for the Dan fans imo.

is it just me or do sides C and D sound better than A and B?  Maybe just my phono stage warming I suppose…

I’m a big fan of Steely Dan,

They really need to remaster all there music


Sorry I just can't understand spending that much on an LP especially one with no recording costs. I wonder how the sound compares with the SACD version at 1/5 the price. I'm sure if folks refused to pay ridiculous prices they would come down.