Stein Music H2 Acoustic Harmonizer - Any experience with this??

Trying to get caught up on my audio reading.  The September TAS had a brief article on the "H2".  I remember reading about this previously but really haven't read buzz about it here.  Having experienced firsthand what a difference Perfect Path Technologies' TC Total Contact paste and Omega E Mats can favor upon my system I can't help but wonder if the "H2" is the real deal or not.  Electrically charged crystals that affect the nature of the listening room's air enabling a more sharply focused yet more spacious soundstage is intriguing.  Anyone have interest or experience with this idiosyncratic device?  Thanks.
I had the pleasure of an audition of a Stein Music Harmonizer at my friends shop a couple of years ago. Walter Swanbon from Fedelis AV brought one to town and he was with a guy from Stein who knew how to set it up. I think Fidelis might be the distributor. I recall watching this guy get this thing set up and thinking to myself that this is about to be the biggest snake oil pitch in the history of audiophiledom. You know what though, I was shocked at what I heard. I think everyone in the room was. We all rotated through the chair that this was setup around. The way this system opened everything up was freaky. I won't pretend to be intelligent enough to understand why or how it does what it does, but it certainly was noticeable and to me in a good way. I'm not good at describing how things sound. I either love it or hate it. If you ever get the chance to audition one jump at it.
We are a Stein dealer and we agree.

We have 2 complete sets on display and we have also demoed them for folks. 

The sense of airness and space is very impressive with the Steins.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
@hifiman5 How is the Omega E mat used? There's no description on the PerfectPath website.
Don't listen to dealers that have something to sell as they love everything they sell.
The SteinMusic Harmonizer probably falls into the troll bait category, you know, like the Mpingo disc, Lessloss Blackbody, Acoustic Revive Schumann Frequency Generator, Franck Tchang’s teeny tiny gold or platinum bowl acoustic resonators, Shakti Hallograph, and 3 GHz Ultra Tweeters from Golden Sound.
As an alternative to Shakti sticks, I play Peter Gabriel...on a table radio in a nearby closet.... results seem independent of volume, Grundig battery powered, no wall wart

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@donjr  First off I have no idea how the Omega E Mats work. Tim Mrock, the proprietor of PPT isn't telling...yet.  There is a very long thread here where it is discussed by many many folks who have used them in their systems. 

The best info. currently available is that they neutralize RFI and EMI in a big way.  The more Mats the greater the impact on the system.  I am using three Mats currently.  The first place to put the Mats is using their magnetic side to attach them to the inside door of your electrical service.  I have two Mats in there.I placed my 3rd Mat under my preamp as every signal must flow through it.

Here's the real cool thing about the Mats in the service panel.  They radically reduce the RFI and EMI that overlays the power going to everything win your house. As far s audio goes it lowers the noise floor of your system.  You can hear further into the music. You discover low level sounds in the mix you never heard before.

Wait till you see what happens to the clarity, smoothness of your video!
No Ebm we wouldnt have purchased two sets if they didnt work.

Even at wholesale these things arent cheap.

We have acoustic system resonators, shakt hollographs, furutech ncf boosters and other tunning devices because they work and when you use them correctly the difference in how real a system can sound can be very dramatic.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor Nj
The Stein Music Harmonizer does indeed work as I have his system installed in my car. Holger Stein is one of the innovative designers in the audio world. Other approaches to consider are the Active Bybee wall panels and the Synergistic Research Atmosphere room tuning device.

Of the devices mentioned in this thread, I have found the SR Atmosphere to have the greatest effect and is by far the most adjustable. It certainly interfaces well with the effects of the Omega E Mats and the Total Contact product. 

David Pritchard
@hifiman5 , thanks for the information. That might be my next tweak. We'll see after I get my new CDP in a couple of weeks. @davidpritchard also lended some good information. I've tried a few minor tweaks like Hebies Fat Dots and cryoed outlets and didn't notice a difference but the Stein was not subtle so I know that some of this stuff is more than troll bait as suggested above. 
Some of my favorite things, in no particular order. Mpingo disc, just one in the right place can blow your mind. Silver Rainbow 🌈 Foil, you will never be the same. The Red x Pen, another freaky PWB product, astounding! Herbies tube dampers, after all is said and done the only one that works. Acoustic Revive Schumann frequency generator, cures whatever ails ya. The Green Pen, still going strong. 🏋🏻‍♂️ Marigo VTS Dots for capacitors, printed circuit boards, speaker drivers, etc., decoupling transformers from the chassis, you know, so they don’t vibrate the crap out of everything. Heck, just loosening the bolts is a start in the right direction.