Butcher Block Acoustics - What have they been up to?

I was getting ready to order from their site but much of what I want is out of stock.

Just wondering if anyone has interacted with them recently or has any background.  I thought maybe they were getting ready to introduce new products and were closing out the previous lines.


They just made me a new platform for my amps last month.

Perhaps a call or email would be the best way of finding out what is going on.


I ordered a white ash platform to put under my amp last week should be here on Wednesday. Super easy took about 10 mins on their website.

I sent an e-mail and the reply answered my questions:


We just had an extremely busy holiday season and expect replenishment in approximately two weeks.

@erik_squires ,

Yes, that is about what it took to get my platform.- Custom cut, too.

Pretty quick especially during the Holidays.


I Iredell two of their racks in the last 6 months and both arrived within a week. I would just email them and ask how long as generally they are super quick. Nice product.

I've always gotten great service out of them. When I needed to "duplicate" my amp stand, but the feet were no longer made, Jim took care of me big time. Got it all sorted by cross shipping gear.

I just unpacked a new platform today.

I just got my 3 shelf Rigidrack.  Really excellent build quality with some caveats:

  • No spares for anything. All screws and caps are exactly the right amount, so hopefully you don't need a replacement.
  • Pilot holes could be improved by counter sinking.  It's really hard to align those little holes sometimes.
  • OMG the packing materials.  While securely packed this seems like a very manual process, with copious amounts of packing tape, straps, and open cell foam.  It has taken me longer to break down the boxes and sort them into recycle/trash containers than it did to assemble the shelves.
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Butcher Block sounds like quality control issues.


The rack itself had no QC issues at all and came obsessively packed.  It was more about the difficulties in unpacking and recycling the materials.

 I would say that you should be happy for the extra attention in packing the unit safely. I wince just about every time that I send a unit off to shipping. The abuse can be overwhelming. Too much tape is a pain though. It is more about the materials used for packing IME.

I am glad the parts arrived safely, I just wonder if they are missing pre-fab inserts which could save them a lot of time, or if they couldn’t make the packaging easier to open and recycle. Of course, I only nit pick like this because I’m an audiophile.

The packing material was an odd assortment of re-used cardboard, home made corner reinforcements and machine cut open cell parts and bubble wrap, and lots and lots of tape holding it all together.