steps ahead

finally steps aheads debute album reissued on cd,pools is essential song of the cd!smokes!!!
One of my favorite bands! "N.Y.C." was my first intro to the band. I still pull out the title song as a demo once and awhile. Do you have the live DVD? Quite good as well.
I think the best album by the group was one of the last -- Vibe. Some of the earlier stuff sounds dated today. All good, but still a bit long in the tooth.

It's amazing how this 1983 album sounds like it might have just come out yesterday; really great progressive jazz; I especially like the second song "Islands". The N.Y.C. album that came out in 1989 is probably my all time favorite though.
I'm a big Steps Ahead (originally called Steps when formed my Mike Mainieri) fan and have 10 of their cds in my collection. The self titled cd I have is one I burned from my original vinyl album because I missed the orginal release of this cd in 1996. It looks like it got re-released in 2005 too. This band likes to experiment and they lead me to find bands like Yellowjackets, UZEB, Uncle Festive, ZZAH, Passport, Brecker Brothers, Vital Information and so many more artists and bands.

Does anyone have one of the earlier releases of this CD? If so how do they sound?

i remember an album with an airplane on the cover, maybe it was called "modern times", loved the first side of this lp.
played it often.
If you can find it, check out 'Steps- Live in the pit'. Japanese import double CD featuring the original line-up. Great record with fantastic performances by Michael Brecker & Don Grolnick!!