Stereovox cables, anyone?

I am really curious about these cables both the SEI-600 ic and LSP-600 speaker cables. I haven't heard from many users other than their HDXD digital cable which is supposedly a great value, small wonder coming from the designer of Kimber's Illuminati D-60 which I still use and found a great value.

Both the above cables are quite pricey but Todd Warnke did a great review of both and found them to be so uniquely special in that they allow the music to come through without seemingly imparting a signature of their own. I am only aware of a few folks that are familiar with these cables and they all put them right up there with the special products found in our hobby.

Can anyone out there comment and offer their impressions compared to similiarly priced cables in a familiar system? Please list others you have compared to and if possible a description of the differences. Thanks all participants in advance.

I remember seeing a set of the speaker cables for sale here on Audiogon a month or so ago. Maybe you can search and locate the fellow who had them for sale.

The set offered was, well still is mine. I was offered $3,000-$3500 for my 3.0 M Vox speaker cables which I would not take. I am glad I didn't. I kept it and am using it. I use 2 pair of Vox RCAs as well, Pre-->amp and DAC-->Pre.

Comparisons... Ok. I used Cardas Golden Ref XLR for some time previously. Went from XLR to RCA for the Vox RCAs. I went from Golden Cross speaker cables to Vox. I used Classe equipment then. The Vox (RCA or speaker) I found impressively better in every way. Much cleaner sounding, much blacker background, more detailed, richer in a more musically accurate way entirely and at all frequencies. This applied to both the RCAs and speaker cables. More of Vox was clearly and significantly better at any point with any equipment I've used. Very rare in hifi to find a product like this, I agree. Matching with equipment changes has never been an issue. For my current Goldmund (modern and vintage mixed) it is less pronounced an improvement than classe omega level equipment. Still, very noticeable.

I've used modern Goldmund RCA cables and still do for my tuner and TV sound. The Goldmund RCAs are maybe 1/4 to 1/3 the improvement I found going from Cardas GR to Vox. It's difficult to judge this overall as my equipment is now very different. For speaker cables, modern Goldmund speaker cables are much closer to the Vox in direct comparison on my current equipment.

I heard Nordost Valhallas once years ago. Limited listening. Different room and different equipment but versus a cardas GR the difference was subtle to me. Vox has never been a subtle improvement to me.
I have recently switched from Kimber Select 3035 to Stereovox LSP-600 speaker cables. I had an opportunity to audition both of these cables in my system before purchasing through my dealer. My system consists of Levinson Reference gear (32, 31.5, 30.6), 33H monoblock amplifiers, Revel Salon loudspeakers, and SME Model 10 turntable, 309 tonearm and Sumiko Celebration cartridge. Cold and unbroken in, the Stereovox cables sounded richer, more alive, with better resolution and a larger soundstage than the Kimber Selects. The bass has never been so agile. The pace of the music (toe tap test) is improved. The overall tonal balance is the best I have ever heard, with all musical selections and formats. This was not a subtle difference, but a very large difference. The Kimber Select cables have been in my system for three years, and are very very good. But the Stereovox cables are that much better. It was like inserting a much better sounding pre-amplifier into my system. These cables are that good. Now if I can only afford the interconnects.

Hope this information helps you.
Thanks to all. I will be auditioning a few pair of the ic's in the upcoming weeks and will keep anyone interested abreast of my impressions. Will
The cheapo $100 HDVX digital cable made more impact to my humble Panny SAXR45/Philips 963sa/GMA Europa system than any other cable I have ever owned regardless of price or type (speaker, digi, IC, power.) Wish I could afford their speaker cable.
Well I finally got a chance to listen to these cables and I must say I agree with Whitaker 110%!! I first tried one from the The tonal balance, harmonic resolution, placement and overall sense of ease and completeness is on a plane I have never experienced from the numerous cables I've tried although neither are they quite as expensive either. The Stereovox are well worth the money in a well put together system and count them as an example of an essential component like an amp or pre-amp.

They made a significantlly greater improvement than any component I have inserted in my system over the past two years. I'm going to be suffering major withdrawl now that they're gone.
I didn't complete the last post when it got sent. I had 2 pair. I first tried from the DAC to the pre-amp and noticed an immediate improvement. I then went from the output of the pre-amp to the BAM of the Merlin VSM speakers and it improved further. I can't imagine a whole system with the ic's and the speaker cables but I'm going to be spending a lot of time trying!

I have auditioned the best cables from fatwyre.Stereovox was in my opinion a clear choice.Dead quiet,dynamic and simply musical.However at that price they should be great cables but they did smoke other more costly cables.Best cable for the money,harmonic technology magic or even one step below in the line. System; koetsu urishi red,vector,basis sign. with vac.,lamm pre,wavac amp,dynaudio.
Anybody have a chance to compare Stereovoc i/cs or s/cs with Purist Dominus?
do tell us your impressions on the HDSE's. I love what stereovox did in my system.
hello Artg,i should be recieving them around wed.,ill give them 100 hrs or so to settle and report back!
Art,they did take about 120 hours for breakin,a very well balanced cable,does everything well,what stood out from day one is in between the notes there is nothing in the background ,very black,,,im very pleased!i ended up using them from my phono stage to preamp,brought life back to my analog set up,if i had to rate them as far as yin or yang id say ever so slightly to the yin side,in my system compared to my other ICs
Glad you like it, Ray. I have ALL stereovox cabling (including bi-wired spkr), and while it cost a pretty penny, I haven't had a moment's thought of buyers regret. It is amazing stuff with no trade-offs - I felt like Goldilocks when she ate baby bear's porrige: not too warm, not to opaque, not too bright, not so open that images are artificial, yet not closed-in, not too rolled-off, not too laid back or forward - but "JUST RIGHT!"
Artg ,as good as the HDSE IC is i could not even begin to imagine how good Stereovoxs higher priced offerings are!!!!!must be a trickle down thing," Just Right"
I wonder if you are still interested in theese cables or you already purchased them?
I own both SEI and LSP for some time now. My theory is simple on this matter. Theese are silver cables and you expect quality silver cables to deliver exellent midrange and treble. What you usually do not expect is appropriate bass and drive with it. If silver can deliver all of the above it is already the great cable on its own. If you can get a few such cables into your listening room and compare, the Stereovox will be more transparent, detailed and dynamic. That is why they cost that much. This is the difference between good and great.
So if one question is behind, then, do you really want to go (yet again) through the hell of changing cables in three or five years from now? I hope not.
I found theese cables great with my Cary monoblocks, with my Kharma and my ex-ProAcs, and I hope they will be great with most other Hi-End audio components.
I have had tremendous success with these cables around:

ReimyoCDP, Levinson 390S CDP
Nagra tubed preampamp/amp
Berning tubed amp
Driving Verity Parsifal and Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage's

I agree they are all-around winners, but suspect they would expose bright grainy electronics for what they are, but I doubt anyone spending this much on cabling would use them on crappy electrocnics..