Stereovox versus Orchids of Kimber.

Orchids from Kimber and the stereovox digital.
I keep reading that they would be made by the same designer. Is this part of the audio rumours? Is it true?
What are the differences. If somebody has some experience with these 2 good cables would be good to read about it.
The truth please just the truth.
Chris Sommovigo is really nice and helpful, and he'll talk your ear off when you call him. The background of the old Orchid and the new Stereovox is this, and it makes sense, the connectors are as important as the rest of the cable. It doesn't matter how good the actual wire and insulator is if the signal doesn't get in to the wire or out from the wire right. Chris now makes his own connectors.

Go to the 6moons review (, it talks about Chris' history in the review.