Steve guttenberg

What is it that gives you the right to tell anyone what is "best" recordings to use to listen to speakers. The list you had at that place you write for are unknowns for 90% of people. I been an audiophile way too long and have in the last few years have learned it's about the music. Not about dissecting a piece of music or pretending a soundstage happens in real life. Come on mannn, get real.
And we wonder why most people think were a bunch of idiots and fools.
Damn Harley, who pissed in your Cheeri0s this morning? All he did was provide a recommended list. And you've never heard of Rickie Lee Jones, Keb' Mo', The Rolling Stones, and The Allman Bros.?

Get another cup of coffee, son...

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I know Steve and I know here he lives. I would gladly pay him a visit for you around midnight and make sure he doesn't make any more lists to bother you.

Unless of course this is actually a promotional thread to get people to read his Audiophiliac blog.

I certainly just looked it up.
Who is Steve Guttenberg and what did he say that is so irritating. I am in no mood to start the sound versus music arguement we tend to get into every so often but I will say why can't we have both for cryin out tears.
And maybe coffee is the wrong medicine here perhaps valium or a stiff shot of your fave adult beverage is needed.
How would you feel if some of us started a thread called Harley52? Could make for some amusing reading.

Kidding aside, moderators on audiogon are an odd bunch. If they're going to let someone randomly rant about another person, why moderate at all?
"What is it that gives you the right to tell anyone what is "best" recordings to use to listen to speakers."

The first amendment.
The first amendment.

Better watch your use of that! You'll get an IRS audit, someone listening to your phone calls, and a drone circling over your house.

How's that for taking the thread in a different direction :)
My reaction was in regards to the article he wrote in Cnet. The only one I've heard of, along with around 90% of people is Riki L Jones.