Stillpoints and Wilson Maxx II or III speakers

I have read many great reviews of the Stillpoint products. The manufacturer told me that the greatest benefit of their products is when they are used under speakers. I would like to hear from anyone who has tried Stillpoint Ultra SS or Ultra 5s under Wilson Maxxes or Alexandrias. Considering the materials used and internal bracing of Wilson speakers, I am curious to know how effective the Stillpoint products are when placed under these speakers. I own Maxx IIs and they are currently placed on a suspended wood floor. Thanks.
I am also considering Stllpoints and just got through with a demo at the dealer 30 minutes ago. While I must say these are the real deal, they are pricey.

I asked the store rep the very same question you ask. His response was that the speakers should be last, but everyone has a different perception. The store owner left Wilson for Rockport. While these speakers represent the pinnacle of the designers efforts, the rep said he could hear improvement with the Stillpoints under the Rockports. But for the price of the larger Stillpoints needed for large speakers, you could buy Ultimate SS's for 3 components and bring more improvement that just using them under the speakers themselves.

What I heard on the demo as the Stillpoints were placed under each successive component was less of an electronic sound, better clarity, and ultimately a more relaxing sound that became more involving and soulful. He used the Stillpoint Ultimate SS for the demo.
I use the SS Ultra's under my Thiel CS3.7's on wood floors to good effect
and I have a friend who uses the 5's under the latest Sashas and is very,
very pleased. No idea whether the pay off would be the same for the
Alexandrias. They *are* pricey buggers.
Definitely not cheap, but I'm using the SS Ultras under my Verity Parsifals to good effect. Try out a set from the likes of the cable company, and send'em back if they don't float your boat...? (That's what I did, and I kept'em.) No experience with your speakers, so there you go on that front. But I have found generally that running some form of isolation solution between any speaker and a suspended wooden floor often makes a big difference. Whether you feel it's a positive or worth-while difference is often personal, but I'd expect a difference.
Hi, guys. I would like to jump into this one if I may. I have Ultra 5's under my speakers (threaded inserts), Ultra SS on Ultra bases under my rear speakers and under both of my PS Audo P10 Power Plants. I also have Ultra Mini's under my Cable/DVR Box (yes, amazing as it seems. The HD cable picture improved immensely after doing so as did the digital audio feed), center channel speaker (due to space limitations) and under my HT reference receiver (due to space limitations). In the next month or so, I'll be purchasing another set of 4 Ultra 5's for my preamp, preamp power supply and power amp, leaving my DAC, disc drive and BD reference player for the last phase sometime next year.

Adding these under each component has been revelatory. I see (hear) why SP suggests Ultra SS'ing your speakers first so you can hear the improvements upstream components make when they are Ultra SS'd afterward. No question it was immediately and obviously apparent with each addition what has been improved upon. Easily the best investment I have made. All the improvements everyone and reviewers have mentioned have been there with no drawbacks (other than a much lighter bank account). With the level of engineering and machining involved, one can immediately see why these are so expensive, especially the Ultra 5.

Furthering comments prviously, I am curious which way folks have placed their Ultra 5's under components - beveled side up or large flat side up, under the compnent?