Stock or go to Upgrade Ave?

Hi folks,
I've just recently spotted my amp being hummy as if it's a ground loop. The hum is loud at minimum volume setting of a preamp and it goes higher when the volume is turned up.
After listening to other components through the headphones, there's no humm so the amp is the culprit and guilty on all charges.
As I'm opening the box of my Sunfire SRA, I spot immediately DC filter cap leaks on at least 2 and tapping or other smaller DC caps would cause the humm increase or noise.
So far I've ID'd 15 caps to be replaced by visual inspection, solder joints through the loupe accross the power supply. Also at least 2 resistors (Re-c) are out of tolerance value.
Woud you suggest keeping stock caps or make sense to go Upgrade Ave? If you do suggest upgrade, what brand would you use and what other circuit components would you replace?

THANKS for your thoughts.
"Modular Electronics Inc."
I'll refer you to my technician, Benny Amina of Modular Electronics in Roswell, GA (Atlanta) who repairs all sorts of amps/preamps, builds his own line of tubed electronics, and is an authorized McIntosh repair shop. His front office is often packed with every sort of shipped-in equipment (sometimes huge & heavy amps) for repair. I find him to be fair, practical, very capable and amiable! No association other than I now consider him to be a solid friend. Send him an email or look him up on the web. Referrals
are the way to go in this world and I am pleased to make this one to you.