Strange, interesting, hysterical music

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    Looks like a Saudi Arabian orchestra playing reggae- that is cool.  They seem to be having a lot of fun, even dancing. Sheltered me didn't think they did stuff like this over there-the international language of music-excellent.


The group is from Bahrain, very near Saudi Arabia but with a different history and culture.
Thanks, @sfar   
At the risk of stepping in it w/r to PC, I was surprised to see women participating wearing make up and no head covering.  Fine by me.  Just surprised given news about treatment of women in Arab countries as conveyed by the western press.  Certainly know nothing about Bahrain so maybe it is way different over there.  Hope so.  Hope the title of that song signals such.  Anyway, thanks for sharing.  Fun stuff.  Great example of music as a "universal" language.