Streamer/DAC combo or stand alone DAC with Node2?


I am looking to complete/upgrade my hifi setup and would appreciate divergent thoughts on the topic.  

System:  McIntosh MA252 Hybrid, Spendor D7, Node 2 for Tidal.
Budget:  Anything under $3000.
Based in Belgium with a journey to the States in the summer.

I listen to Tidal 95% of the time. The Node2 is fine, but is now the weak link in my system.   I've heard the Chord DAVE and the Qutest, both good.  I found Mytek LIberty and Brooklyn + to not do much beyond the Node. Surprising.  

As I pretty much only use Tidal and will never use a computer or Roon etc., I want one more box to either improve the Node2 or replace it.  I don't want to open up the MQA debate, bit it would be nice to have a MQA capable device.

Suggestions please. 
Looking for reviews of NAD C658..  cant see any yet.
Thinking to match with a pair of Alecto's
I have the Node2 and today got the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ 

I was running Roon over network to the Node 2 and generally quite happy but started playing around with the Pro-jectPre Box S2 Digital over USB from my Win10 PC / Roon Server and noticed a pretty substantial improvement.   After listening (it's awesome) over USB to the Brooklyn a while today I bridged the Node back in over coax and found the sound quite a bit thinner than going straight to the DAC. 

Hardly scientific of course but the DAC direct route is going to be my standard.
I have a Marantz AV7702mkii and I'm running that in direct mode from the Brooklyn ... 

I think my experience might be helpful to this discussion.  

I have a Node 2 going into an NAD Masters M12 Pre/DAC - which is a pretty nice DAC.  I’ve had some issues with networking via Wifi w/ the Node 2 but that was solved (I hope permanently) by connecting via Ethernet.  

Connecting the Node 2 to my DAC was an audio quest digital cable (don’t remember which one but it was about $150 if I remember correctly) via coax to my DAC.  I decided to try a Nordost Hymdal digital cable (true 75 ohm BNCs) and asked my wife what she thought.  She doesn’t really care about any of this but she clearly heard a difference as did I.  Not a night and day difference, but certainly the Nordost cable just offered “more”.  

Steve at Empirical Audio, who posts here frequently, can be credited with convincing me that a true 75 ohm digital cable (and most are not) is important.  He wrote a white paper on it and I found his arguments logical and they are now backed up by my experience.  Cables do matter - even digital - which are transmitting digital information in an analog domain. 

Then, to satisfy my own curiosity, I brought my Aurender N100H from another system and inserted it.  I connected the Aurender to my DAC via a crystal cable USB cable (USB is the only out on this model Aurender).  I started playing the same ripped file on both the Aurender and the Node 2 (the file was stored locally on the Aurender, and the Node 2 played the file (exact same rip) pulled from solid state hard drive on a Mac Mini connected to the network.  Certainly this was a more complicated connection, but it’s how I was able to make any comparison. 

I was able to switch inputs on my DAC easily to compare the two servers.  Of course, the digital cable coming from the Node 2 is vastly more expensive to the USB cable coming from the Aurender, though to be fair, that isn’t a budget cable either.  Nevertheless, the Aurender N100 was significantly better than the Node 2.  A difference easily discernible by my non audiophile wife.

This difference was true whether playing a ripped file, or streaming via Tidal - which, like the OP, I do at least 75% of the time.

Of course, there is some question about which is ultimately better, USB or Coax.  With the equipment I have, I wasn’t able to make that comparison. Based on other discussions, I understand that most believe Coax to be superior which should give the advantage to the Node 2 in this comparison. 

While I agree with other posters that the Node 2/2i is a killer device for what it does at the price (and I have 2 of them within my 3 systems), I can say that an outboard DAC yields significant improvements.  And, I can say than anyone would easily hear how much better the Aurender is over the Node 2 as a server.

 My $.03 (inflation).
@mgrif104  Node 2 going into an NAD Masters M12 Pre/DAC
Just curious. Why did you buy a Node 2 as opposed to using a BluOS MDC with the M12?

I just added a Bryston BDP3 to my two channel System.  So far listening playing it over usb into my Bryston DAC3, it’s killing Bluesound sonically via toslink into the same DAC