Streamer+R2R dac+True balanced Class A preamp all-in-one?

Hi guys,

Does a full featured streamer + R2R dac + true balanced class A preamp all in one box exist in the world at this time? Ameri-fi, Euro-fi, Chi-fi, any other Asia-fi does not matter.

Budget = upto 10k

Thank you.



May not be R2R, but I don’t think that should stop you, but the Auralic Vega G2.1 (and now G2.2) pretty much fits the bill. Analog volume control, class A preamps, Streams most things.

the right way is called separates

my setup : Lumin U2 - R2R DAC Rockna Wavedream XLR - dual mono passive preamp Big Hattor - amp Simaudio Moon W8

Closest I know of is the Aurender A10 and its replacement. but i don't think its R2R and i think its an A/B variable output (variable in the analogue domain) . but as a stand alone streamer, dac and preamp its quite the nice piece.