Streaming Headphone Amp

I'm looking for a streaming headphone amp as a solution for my office. It needs to be comfortable driving my HiFiMan Sundaras. Due to space limitations it must be an integrated unit, hold the scold, I simply do not have room for a separate DAC and amp. Price should be under $1000. Thanks.


The easiest choice would be the ubiquitous Bluesound Node although not sure how good its headphone amp is but I assume it’s not great. If you can get by with only Bluetooth the PS Audio Sprout100 could work. My choice if sound quality is important would be an iFi Zen Stream and Zen DAC — yes they’re separates but they’re quite small and likely take up not much more space (or maybe even less) than an integrated unit. Hope this helps, and best of luck in your search.

I think they just release version 4. I owned this for a while and with a warmer headphone, I think it would be an excellent choice. I used it with a Meze Empy. My friend uses it with an LSA phone, forgot the model.

This DAC has about 3 streaming options.

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Plug them to your phone. FREE. It’s all snake oil zeroes and ones anyway. If there is sound coming out, it works. Right? Any difference in sound quality between a computer soundcard or phone vs. a thousand dollars stuff is simply in your mind. Not real.


In a serious note, the only device I know dedicated for headphones that is three in one (headphones amp, DAC, and Streamer) is the Naim Atom Unity HE (headphones edition). Which I used to own, paired with both Meze Empyrean Elite and Focal Utopia. Unfortunately is way more than your stated budget. I am sorry. Maybe someone will chime in. Have you looked at ASR Topping stuff? It’s your neck of the woods.

I have a Klipsch integrated Powergate amp sitting on my desktop that has all the features you want and then some. It is an integrated amp/streamer with a headphone jack.