Stupid class A question

I have a Sugden a21 integrated amp in my second system (my first class A) and I love the sound but I don't play it much in the summer due to the heat. Since it can be used as a preamp, if I get an amplifier, will the Sugden still produce as much heat if it's being used as a preamp? Thanks in advance.


The krell ksa 250 is not class A to full power, only up to about 28 watts or so.

Probably more. The only time Class A does notgenerate heat is when the power goes to the speakers instead. 

(Or maybe a water cooled dummy load.)


Regarding the Krell KSA 250. True, it was only class A up to 28 watts, but it still ran very hot even at idle.

More like what it draws in heat. Probably 250-watt light bulb or so. Most of the heat in class A is wasted but worth it to me.