sub$500 amp for Magnepan .5QRs

Would like recommendations for a 2 channel amp for my Maggies. I use a set of .5's with a Denon 3600 receiver and would like to upgrade the sound of my speakers. I listen to mostly vinyl with eclectic musical tastes, that range from shakuhachi music to Pink Floyd to John Coltrane. My budget is under $500 and yes I would buy used! Tubes or SS?
I'll vote for Nikko Alpha which should be more than perfect for the price and application as well.
Search them through ebay and you won't regret.
I think $500 will only buy you solidstate amps. try NAD, Adcom, Panasonic digital receiver. Next step up might be an integrated amp like a Krell 300i ($1000 used). Sometimes I've seen some McCormack DNA amps go for as low as $600 use on audiogon.
The OCM-200 from David Belles. Nothing better, in my opinion, for the used price of $400. There are a couple on Audigon now. It will make the Maggies sing.

Good luck,