Subs and SF Amatis

Would welcome advice on using a sub woofer with Sonus Faber Amatis. A good idea or not, based on experience? I have a difficult room and may not be able to put a sub in a corner.
disclaimer: I am a REL dealer.

Last week I heard the Amati's on a Pass Labs X0.2/X600 setup with and without a REL Studio subwoofer. The Amati's are full range, but adding in the sub gives you a sense of the venue.

I heard a striking set of a/b comparisons. The demonstrator would say "now we are in the church hall", unplug the sub, and say "and now we're in this room". He was dead on right. You still heard the performance, you just didn't perceive the room.
I will be interested as well. I had a REL Stadium III with Dynaudio Confidence 5 for a couple weeks, but could not get it to integrate. Amati should be easier given they are ported. Will it be another REL or something else?
I have not heard the amati's with subs in particular but I know they are full range which are the easiest and least intrusive to match with a subwoofer. The lower the crossover point the better. I'm guessing the amati would crossover somewhere in the 20's which is extremely low.

By a fair margin the sub will sound it's best in a corner. This is because you can position it so that it excites the corner walls and uses them as large passive bass radiators.