Is anyone interested some Sonus Faber Amatis?

I have a pair of Sonus Faber Amati speakers that I am trying to sell. If anyone is interested please let me know and I can give you more information.
This is a funny post. I am surprised the Audiogon staff hasn't picked up on it yet. If you want to sell stereo equipment here you are required to advertise it. This site is for selling first and the forum is a bonus. If you want to advertise for free try usaudiomart.
Oh what the heck! Why not; check out my ads too!
Available right here on Audiogon......
Oh let's just signed up within the last 24 hours, you have no sales feedback and you are not following sales protocol.....what else you got???? LOL!

In all seriousness, this screams scam!!
The best way to sell them would be to post a classified ad with several nice pictures. That could work.
Amazing, you are trying to sell a $10k speaker and you won't buy an ad to sell costs four bucks to place an ad here.

Dude, get real.
Hey Rhodkin....this is confirmation of purchase for a pair of Sonus Faber Amanti Speakers in working condition. I will buy them for $50 US Dollars. I will pay COD ....let me where to send my address to and have them delivered and also who to make the COD check / moner order out to. I'll buy 'em for that price ...and COD
Rhodkin. Please follow the rules of the web site. Its a good process. Where do you live? I will give you $200 lol
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If you follow the Vapor thread, you can see that moderation is not a long suit here. But I like it that way. The internet is the Wild West, nicht war?
If you want you could buy Rhodkin speakers from me and I will throw in my boxer-dog that is. This is stupid fun. I also have some clothes for sale just call me I will give you more information. Also my neighbor(a good fellow) has some roses for sales, they are not real though, but just call me if you want them. Cheers in selling all kind of stuff.
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Elizabeth, you can't fool me, I've known since I was a kid that London Bridge is falling down.

Your offer of the New York bridges sound appealing though.
Elizabeth; Are these bridges one way of two way. I am looking for a good two way bridge, preferably of steel and concrete construction but would consider wood if of a non-deteriating species. Also can you send me a cost of shipment to 80222, I prefer Fed-Ex as UPS lost the last bridge I bought and never did find it. And if you happen to have available I could use a good railroad bridge. I wanted to get a Sonos Bridge but it was too short. My dentist offered me a bridge but it was too much money. I can pay via certified home made cashiers check good at any
bank in the Sudan..
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Rhodkin, i'll trade you some Radio shack speakers for your Sonus Faber Amati speakers.
Clearly these are mine since I high balled at $200. Please e-mail me. I will pay in cash.
Oh. I also have a Grizzly hair dryer for dogs that I'm selling. It scares the daylight's out of my Wheaten Terrier.
I'll trade you my 20 dollar gift certificate from Target for your Sonus Faber Amati speakers.
Hey Rhodkin! Hey Rhodkin! Yoo hoo Rhodkin! If you sell your speakers and you need some boxes for them call me and let me know. Everyone else, I bought all of Elizabeths bridges and they are in supremo condition probably 9/10 even the one from London. She doesn't over sell stuff thats for sure. Anyway if anyone wants one call me in the next 45 minutes and I will give you free shipping. Does anybody have some bridge polisher so I can make them a 10/10 and make more money, call me and let me know if you do. Hey does anybody have any free beer today, just call me and let me know. Hey does anybody have a really good apple peeler, if you do just call me and let me know. Don't forget now.