I want to buy a subwoofer for my system and I need some help here. My budget is around $1000. My system is CJ MV50 power amp, Sonic Frontiers SFL1 signature tube preamp, Rotel RCD991E cd player and Tyler Tylo Reference Monitors.
My room is small and I use the speakers along the largest wall. My bass now is missing the lowest octave but is tight.
Any help will be great.
Well, what you are looking for is fast musical sub. There are several options, although one of the best one for your application, REL Strata III, is no longer made. You might be able to find it used for about a Grand. Other suggestions would be ACI Force, Martin Logan subs, Vandersteen subs, and Pinnacle Baby Boomer or Subsonic.
First I should qualify that I am a dealer for Vmps but that's all I'm a dealer for. If you want a great sub for the money you should get one of the Vmps subs. They're fast, articulate and powerful as you could want. For the money they're of the best you can get.

Another companies subs I really like is the M&K's. It seems they don't bring much respect from most in the sub department but I can assure they're quite good. A used one in your price range will do very well. I suggest these because used prices are unrealistically low imo. I do know that Martin DeWulf of Bound For Sound uses an M&K sub with his Vmps RM 40's.

If you order the Vmps sub as kit you could get the Larger sub with a built in amp. With two 15" drivers and a 12" you'll have all the first octave bass you want. Low distortion and fast enough to keep up with planar speakers.

I've not heard the Rel subs but alot of people think alot of them. They would be worth a try too. I'd stay away from SVS and the other boomer type subs that are better for movies than music.
Shop around for a used Infinity 1.2s subwoofer with RABOS and 850 watt BASH amplifier. It's no longer in production, but cost $2000 new, and if you can find one, it should be under $1000. In general, avoid ported designs.
IMO the best sub on the market (within reasonable cost) is the ACI Titan. I auditioned REL, Martin-Logan, Polk, B&W, and more whose names escape me (sorry). But none sounded more musical than the Titan. And it also has satisfying HT-type power. The great thing about ACI is that you can return the sub within 30 days for a full refund, less shipping, if not satisfied for any reason. Its superb quality is not just my opinion. Check this out:

Check out the new Titan XL ($1,100):

Just get one and be happy! Seriously.
Give Ty a call. He'll fix you up. He's good at what he does and your sub would match your Tylos.
Try looking for a earthquake mkiv-10. They are inexpensive and are very quick sounding all the way down to 25hz very musical and way under your budget.
i would suggest that what-ever sub you decide to purchase that you put a ASC-sub trap under it... it will make "any" sub sound the way it was meant to. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED... good luck...
Hey Y'all,

"I just posted this response on a different thread and I thought it fit here as well so I just copied and pasted".

You might want to take a look at MJ Acoustic. For your needs I would recommend either the Reference 100 or the 150 Mk II. The sub I have is the Ref 150 Mk II. They have a small footprint, 12" x 12", have wonderful looking finishes at no extra cost and sound great. The best part of all is they hook up just like the Rel line of subs, meaning they use both a low and high level input that you can hook up simultaneously. They use a nutrik connector cable, also like the Rel line, for the high level input that hooks directly to your amp for seamless integration in a music system. It also packs incredible impact in HT for such a small box. I've only had mine in my system for less then a week but, so far, they sound great straight out of the box. Oh, I almost forgot all three of these subs also go down to 13 Hz. Yes, I said 13 Hz. I would not have believed it but I've heard it in my system. I have my HT/music system in a 15' x 18' room with my system set on the short wall with 8' ceilings but the back of the room is open to the rest of the house. Good luck with you search and keep us posted........John
Do yourself a favor and check out a KLIPSCH RSW-10, you won't be sorry you did. You can find them N.I.B. for under $1000.00