Suggestion on speakers for Bel Canto s300iu

Hello all,

I recently purchased this int amp to be used with my iMac computer. Would like to hear your suggestion for a pair of speakers for less than $3000 used or new. My room is only 10 by 10 sq.ft. so please make your suggestion accordingly. I do not plan to add a sub. I listen to jazz, vocal and classical.

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I recently purchased the Bel Canto M300 amps along with the DAC3. I am using them to drive a pair of Focal Micro Utopia BEs and the combination is nothing short of amazing! Your Bel Canto integrated with built in DAC should be very similar in sound to my amp/dac setup, so I would definitely audition something in the Focal line. For $3000 per pair you could possibly find a used pair of Electra 1007 BEs ($4500/pair new) and I think those would sound fantastic in your small room. You may find them lacking in the bass department, and in that case you might want to check out the new Chorus 800 line which in my opinion are some of the best looking speaker on the market today and they range from the $800/pair 806V bookshelf to the $3000/pair 836V floorstanding. I have heard some of the speakers in the Chorus line and found them to be very musical and easy to listen to...they do, however, have a slightly overrich midrange similar to the sound of Paradigm speakers. The Utopia, Electra, and Profile lines have a very flat frequency response and are more detailed...this can be a problem when the source and amps aren't up to snuff, but I think with your Bel Canto setup you will love them.
We typically match ASW loudspeakers with Bel Canto. They work fantastic together. I'm a Focal dealer as well, but for me personally I prefer the Bel Canto match with ASW. In a small room like that, I'd highly suggest the ASW Genius 100. It is a small standmounter with a very big sound. Don't get thrown off by the 5 inch driver ... they can do some serious bass.

We put on a hifi show in November where we had John Stronczer's (Bel Canto owner/designer) MacBook as a source feeding the Bel Canto DAC3 and Bel Canto S300 going to ASW Genius 400's. John spent the entire weekend with us at our show and was very impressed with the sound of this system we set up using ASW loudspeakers. You'd have great results with the ASW Genius 100's and the S300iu in your room.

If you want to see pictures of this system with John Stronczer from Bel Canto, you can see them here:
seeing how this amp has goobs of power, you can drive just about anything out there.

small room.
big power.
Martin Logan!!!!!

check the used "martin logan" list.
pretty nice. any of the smaller ones would be awesome in that room. Arius, for example.