Suggestions for a new SACD player.

My much loved Musical Fidelity Tri Vista SACD player died. I am looking to perhaps purchase a replacement. It must have a digital input. Balanced output preferred but it is not a deal killer. I may give up on SACD, but would rather not. Must be dependable. $3500 max. Used is okay. Your suggestions appreciated. Reasons for your suggestions appreciated too.
I have been very happy with my Ayre C5xe and I see them listed here pn AG all the time. I saw one listed for 3875 which is close to your budget. Once you get it you would want to send it in to Ayre for the MP upgrade 250.00, but I can attest that it is a extremely good player for the money.
Very happy with my sa-10
Can't beat the price. Sounds more like a tubed player than some tube players if that makes any sense.
Good luck!
Did you say it needs a digital INput, or did you mean OUTput? I'm not sure there are that many of the former, and neither the Ayre nor, as far as I can tell from the link, the Esoteric has one. The Cary 306 SACD player does have a digital input, and when I heard it a few years ago I thought it sounded very good. Used, if you can find one, it should fit into your budget. Can't speak as to its reliability, maybe someone else can.
The Marantz SA15 series 2 has a digital in (Optical only). I like the sound of it on redbook. I'm new to SACD so I have no reference to compare that aspect of its performance but I like what I hear.
Maybe cheap will do. Before spending mega bucks, buy a Sony 595 refurb on SonyStyle for $60. Hopefully you are a brave soul and will give an honest listen. Don't like it? They will take it back and refund all costs, including shipping. Hey, I just saved you $3440. What do I know as I have a Sony 777es and a Cal Labs Alpha, and the 595 will blow you away. I recently heard the new Esoteric at a friends house and while I agree, it does sound slightly better, it is not $15,000 that better. My friend refuses to let me bring my 595 over to see if I can trick him into a blind test. Many audio people live with that kind of fear, which leads to 'how much did you pay for that unit'.
The Playback Designs MPS-5 has digital input in three formats. You're able to use its exceptional DAC/clock to bring almost any digital output up to the level of it's performance. For example, using the Wadia 170i to pull the digital output from my 160G iPod and input the digital signal into the PD. The resulting playback cannot be distinquished from the original.

Of course SACD performance, is excellent and you'll want to keep collecting SACDs, but the RBCD performance is stunning.


I did not know you could get a Playback Designs for $3500.00. Srwooten I would suggest either the New Marantz SA-KI Pearl $2999.99 or the New Esoteric SA-50. Both have Digital in's. The Esoteric has a USB, Coax, & optical. The Marantz only has Optical in.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for you input everybody. I think I have decided on the PS Audio perfect wave duo. It does not do SACD but how it sounds with redbook convinced me. I have another SACD player I can use for the 75 or so SACD's I own, though it is not as good as the Tri Vista was.