suggestions for a warm cd player not too much $$

I recently purchased a use Krell KSA 200-S, mated with the later run FPB KRC -3 preamp, running it through totem modle 1's, sound is wuite good, am using an olde JVC 1050 that received modifiactions 1 and the later 2nd one from Paradox?? Anyone remember this unit from the mid 90's?? Anyway, the detail and resoultion is really cool and I am hearing things in songs, layering it is really nice, but unless I am not carefully choosing some recordings, I still find that on some classical orchestral pieces, be it Hayden or Vivaldi, the strings in particular can sound shrill at higher levels, dont really want to go with tubes I am happy with the electronics, but was thinking of a solid state cd player that still had good detail and resoultion but might add some sweetness and warmth to the sound, umm you know euphonic third order harmonics! Doesnt have to be that wet and humid but something that might add some body and midrange liquidity..particulary for classical that might not break my bank...its already broken!! Thnak You
look into a used Rega Planet 2000 or Jupiter 2000 they both have analog warmth yet excellent detail and midrange liquidity
I didn't find the Planet 2000 to be warm or analog sounding, but it's not a bad player. Why the objection to tubes? The Jolida JD-100 has an unquestionably warm presentation with a smooth top end. I haven't heard a better player for the price. Yes, it has tubes, but they're tucked inside and don't require any fussing.
not sure what too much is. there is a Berendsen player for same now that has a nice presentation that is not bright. the seller messed up the price (assumed he meant 1075 and not over 100K; it was only 2000 new). i compared it to the jolida at a dealer and thought it was much better.

good luck
Try a Jolida JD 100. They cost about $500 used and they have a nice warm presentation. You can improve later by adding NOS tubes.
Warm CD-player? I have heard everything now.:)
Try cold cables with warm power cord and lukewarm audio-mat for your CD player that should do it, yeaa-a.
A perfect cd player for this ampplication and grade A+
rated in Stereophile magazine is the Sony SA 5400ES sacd player can be bought for well under $1300 a steal and ones of the best guys in all of Audio! can well compete with any $4-5k player, also Myself got the Terra firma clock and power supply upgrade which is currently By far the best bit master clock available to the audio public
takes this well built machine and will go toe to toe with any $10k player out there ,for My brother has a Esoteric 03SE and this player bettered that even he conceded this .This success is due to the super low jitter clock and the way they address the power supplys
in the low frequency area something no one else has been able to do and the technician I used even gives good discounts something all mod guys should follow especially with this economy.
There's a VSE Level 6 modded Sony 9000es just up for sale today on the Gon. Pick it up and be happy. That's a steal of a price.

I have a 777es with the Level 7 mod and Terra Firma Lite clock that cost about $3k total. I'd put it up against CDP's costing MANY times more than that.