Suggestions for Minn/St Paul HiFi Stops? Retail/Manufacturers/Private Homes

I will be visiting this coming Wed-Friday the Twin Cities to hear an Audiophile friend's system.
Anyone in the area have ideas for other stops? I have managed to listen to several very special
systems and would love the opportunity to hear something great or unusual while I am there.
Multiple references available. Thanks! Jeff
Seems to me Paul Spelts (anticables) is also a demo location for Spatial Audio. has a wonderful, fully dedicated and treated room that is worth visiting.  He is on the Northwest side of Minneapolis.

He has the Rosso Fiorentino Elba 2 on demo currently, being backed by Nagra gear if I'm not mistaken.  The Elba 2 is definitely worth getting your ears on.
Audio Perfection carries many major (non direct) brands including home grown Atma-Sphere.
Wow, thank you that is great to know!
I have not heard Spatials for a couple years
and that was not in a good setting.

Audio Perfection 

Analog Audio -elba 2

Is Paul Spelts a retail store name or ? I will look up anti cables.

Anyone with a suggestion for a special restaurant I can take my hosts
for dinner? Steakhouse, Italian or French would be first thoughts but open... should be on your list. Great people. Nice space. is another to consider. Not a typical retailer in that it's by appointment only. Good guys, nice space. They have Magico's on demo (A3, S5M2, and as of last week a pair of M3s) plus more.

For food, +1 on pittsburghblue. They’ve a few sites in town. Also never disappoints.

Is Paul Spelts a retail store name or ? I will look up anti cables.

I misspelled his name- its Paul Speltz.
Today we visited Audio Perfection and HiFi Sound. My buddy walked out with an 800 hour AR 2SE phono preamp on approval. I listened to Spendor SP3s, Wilson Sasha DAWs, Alexs, Dynaudio Anniversary, Wharfedale Littons & Elysa. Not bad for a couple hours.

Friday we see MiniHiFi. Also arranging a tour of the Acoustic Research facility.

Love to visit the Atma Sphere owner who gives the sage advice.