Suggestions for some Monitor Audio

Hello everyone, im new in this Hifi world, so i´ll like some suggestions, im looking to buy a pair of Monitor Audio Bronze 2. Which amp would you suggest for those Speakers, analog, digital?
The range of price im looking into is around $2,500 us. 
Thank you

These are pretty lively speakers.  Even your average warm amp would do well.  Try a Class D or Parasound classic.
What sound characteristics related to system performance are most important to you?  Tonality, micro/macrodynamics, 3D imaging and soundstage, bass quality, treble detail or air, etc.?  All or any of these can help determine choice of amp.  BTW, are you looking for just an amp or an integrated?
Im looking for clarity, details, treble, something that let you hear every instrument with details, and yes, im looking por an integrated amp, my bad. 
I’d add a used Bryston B135 SST2 or B100 SST, Hegel H160, or NuPrime IDA-8 or IDA-16. Best of luck. 
$2500 integrated on some Monitor Audio Bronze?  Noooo!

Brother, get a pair of used Monitor Audio Gold 100’s or Gold GX100’s.

Use the rest of your budget for a good preowned integrated.  You can get a great preowned integrated for $1000-$1500.  You Can get a pair of nice Monitor Audio GX100’s for $1200.

The Sphinx is wonderful but I would plan on getting a pair of NOS Mullards to warm the sound a hair.  They will be a good match.  
A Parasound Hint 6 integrated is 3K brand new.  Open box, demo, etc. should get you to your price point.
I had a pair of Bronze 2 once. I also once heard the Gold series bookshelf at a dealer. The Gold is a serious upgrade from the Bronze.
I would urge you to follow the advice from b_limo above if you want to stay with Monitor Audio, which by the way is a proven brand.