Suggestions for upgrading amps in my home theater system

I currently have an Anthem 1120 receiver that I am planning to replace. I currently use a Moon Sim 330 A amp with the 1120. I have a 9 speaker home theater system with two subs, so I will need to power 9 speakers. I hate to sell my Moon Sim amp but I think I am better off with two 5 channel amps. I am seriously thinking of buying two Gen 2 Anthem 525 channel amps but not sure if the Anthem will be a downgrade from my Moon Sim 330 A



How are your speakers set up?  I have a 5.1 system for home theater and have been very happy.  That said, with a 5.1 you have 2 main fronts, a center and 2 rears with a sub.  If I had an amp that I loved the sound of I would put this on your mains and worry about the surrounds from "other" amplification.  This also gives me the option of playing in stereo mode with speakers and a amp that I love the sound.  That is what I did.  Is it perfect, I don't know, it works for me.  I would be tempted to purchase 1 of the Anthem 525, play through your mains and compare to the Moon.  If Anthem wins, sell the Moon and proceed.  If Moon wins, you have to purchase 2 more channels and perhaps go with the Anthem 225. 

I have Two fronts, center, 6 ceiling speakers. I have 2 subs. My Anthem runs the center and the 6 ceiling and the Moon Sim takes care of the left right.

I will sell the receiver and buy the Anthem 90 processor. I will need a total of 9 amps. I would seem the best way is two 5 channel amps, I want the amp to run the front 3 so it would seem selling the Sim is the best option unless its not that important to have the L-C-R to have the same amp. That's what I need to find out

Keep your Moon Sim 330 A amp for the front channels

there is a McIntosh MC8207 here on Audiogon for the 7 other channels

( I have a MC8207 )

Your Anthem processor room calibration will fix your center speaker.


I know that with my set up I run in everything from 5.1 to 2.1 to just 2 channel.  You will notice, based on the way things are recorded.  I run a fair amount of turntable and cd on my mains and trying to run anything besides stereo mode, sounds wrong to me.  To me the center comes into play when you are running things beyond the 2 channel config. and, to me, acts more as part of the surround.  I'm just saying wait on selling the Sim amp until you absolutely know you're headed in the right direction.  Sorry, I've taken too many trips in the wrong direction and or given things away and just wanted to hit a untouchable rewind button.  I'm just saying what I would do, what works for me and some mistakes I've made.  Good luck.

Hi OP,

My suggestion, which you’ll have to double check is feasible, is to keep your moon and upgrade to the MRX 720.

I believe (and you need to double check) that all 7 channels are re-assignable. Which may mean you can use them all for the non main (L/R) channels. Looking at section 5.1 of the MRX 720 manual, under "Amp Matrixing" this should be possible.




@maxwave Great suggestion, I had not thought about the  MC MC8207. I thought it would be best to have the front three the same but I really would rather keep my Sim. Thanks

@Eric, that wouldn't work, I have an 1120 which I want to sell to buy the Anthem AVM 90. I am currently using the Moon for the Left -Right and the 1120 for the other 7 speakers


@hoosierinohio When I listen to music I am only using the Moon Sim 330A with L-R and no center and no ceiling speakers. The reality is that everything is good but I am a gear head and always thinking about making it better. I hate to lose money selling the Sim as it was expensive and a nice amp