Suggestions on a neutral and powerful integrated..

I have gone through quite a bit and just looking for some feedback from others.
I am looking for a neutral sounding but extremely powerful integrated amplifier for a pair of Wilson mk3 (I am aware of the specifications and I do require power and control at loud volumes)
Please do not suggest anything out of my needs since I am specific in this requirement.

I am currently trying a hand full of integrated's but truly would appreciate some input based on your experiences.
I have 7k to spend (new or used and leaning towards used for the available choices) and need a single box solution. I have tried all the Krell's, ARC, Ayre, Pass, Audio Note integrated units and now I am wanting to move a notch up.

I would second the Gamut Di150 recommendation. A tremendous amp with lots of power. I wish I had kept mine for a second system.
I'd suggest also looking into the BMC C1. Mine works very well with the Revel Salon 2's, and replace some much more expensive gear.
If you will buy used, I would recommend the Musical Fidelity M3 Nuvista integrated amp. It uses a small tube in its signal path and puts out 275 watts/ch 8ohms. It is the best amp I have had in my system, and a little warmer than a straight SS amp. the phono stage is very good also.
BMC C1 amplifer is an interesting one as well.
Not sure of the overall presentation, I must audition this as well.