Surge protection for new Panasonic Plasma TV

Looking for recommendations for surge protection/noise suppression for new Panasonic Plasma TV.

Any ideas or experiences you can share with me would be greatly appreciated.
I suggest an isolation transformer rated for three times the TV's top power draw.
I recently purchased a MIT Z Powerbar for my 2 channel system. It works and sounds very good.
It was designed for HT systems. They do mention in the brochure that it will help produce blacker blacks for your TV/Monitor.
So far I'm very impressed for how it cleaned up my AC line.
I have had 2 brown outs since installing it with no damage to my equipment.
It is rated at 1800 watts.
I use a Monster Surge protector for my HT system and I have my LCD TV plugged into a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet 20A.
Lots of good products out there to choose from.
Joe Nies
I've been using an APC 15 (I think) on my Panny plasma for the past 3.5 years. Not sure it improved picture quality (then again not sure it didn't since I didn't do a detailed A/B comparison), but through heavy use and multiple power outages and brown-outs my plasma is still running just fine. One day over the summer while we were having rolling power issues I saw a yellow light lit on the unit and didn't know what it meant initially, but turns out our power to the house had dropped below the specified range and the unit was boosting the power to the TV -- pretty cool. I can only assume that helps the TVs power supply. Anyway, seems to have worked well in preserving my TV through some tough storms so maybe add it to your list of products to consider.
Thank you for the responses thus far. Is a power line conditioner different from a surge protector?

I guess what I am looking for is something that will remove the grunge from the AC line with the hopes of giving me the best picture quality and also protect my tv from brown outs and surges.
APC H10 best $200 you will spend IMO. Protects (I believe about 4700 joules rated), Conditions and Regulates the power. Very nice unit.
I use a zerosurge unit (no MOVs) for surge protection followed by an isolation transformer. Cleaned up the picture much better than previous Monster, Furman or APC products.
I plug my Pioneer Plasma directly into an Audience Adept Response AR1P. Plugging a power strip into the AR1P gives you the added benefit of being able to filter and protect your Cable Box.