Survey-What is your most used source?

Just curious, what is your most used source: CD, tuner, cassette, LP, dish...?

I purchased a tuner about six months ago, I hadn't used one in my system in well over 10 years. It is easily now my most used source.

Model: Fanfare FT-1A
vinyl 60%,CDP 35%,laserdisc 10%,DVD 5%-Yup got a table now. Sold the TV. Got a laserdisc player and front projection. Holy cow this rocks!
Easily my sacd/dvd-audio player. Probably 90% of the time spent listening to hi-res music. Compact disc is second, followed by vinyl and dish music.

Does not compute, does not compute, does not.......does.....not.........compute.........

nice thread! it depends on my mood or what else im doing.sometimes ill start out with tuner(WMNF)great station check it out online)while i pick out a CD,while CD is playing ill pick an album out,and then repeat the cycle,usually late at nite i listen to albums,during the day its usually my CDs or tuner i listen tv is on but the sound is off,im having a hard time justifing the money i spent on HT ,,,